June 12, 2009

Those hot summer Fridays!

Happy Friday! We've been longing for some sun here in DC. Can you tell?

Niece and princess with a couple kids from the neighborhood while hubby bbqs for dinner.

P.S. Notice the overgrown grass - yeah the weather has been crazy because it's been raining all week.

Thank goodness for a decent Friday night to kick off the weekend. I'm looking forward to it!


Justice Fergie said...

such cute photos. and YES, wasn't yesteday gorgeous? i sat on my deck in the sun ALL DAY. let's hope for a sunshine-filled weekend!

Sally's World said...

great photos, have a good weekend!

Ashley K. Edwards said...

Can we send a little bit of our Central Florida heat your way?

canadian mama said...

The photos are very natural and beautiful! I am sooo jealous of you guys. We are still experiencing mild temperatures and I am still wearing a jacket daily. Enjoy your beautiful weather, hope to have some here soon.
Ashley, please send some of your Florida heat our way.

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