June 10, 2009

The Busy Mom's Diet

What if busy moms trying to lose weight only ate the leftover food on their kid's plate for each meal? Had that been my diet plan today I would have had:

  • Half a Blueberry Nutrigrain waffle (WITH NO SYRUP MOMMY!) for breakfast and a quarter cup of OJ;
  • A Dinosaur Chicken Nugget and three Baby Carrots for lunch; and
  • Two Chicken Teriyaki meatballs, The Onions (WHY DID YOU PUT THIS ON MY PLATE MOMMY!?), and a tablespoon of yellow rice for dinner.
That's got to be under 1,000 calories. Weight Watchers, look out. This mama's got a foolproof diet formula in the making.

Yes, I'm kidding.

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Justice Jonesie said...

I remember hearing about this on some morning talk show once upon a time ago. A mom ate exactly what her toddler ate and she got skinny.
now write the book on it...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, I bet that OJ had enough food on the bottom to be a meal all by itself!!

So glad to find your blog! I took one look at your BlogHer button and knew you all were my kind of girls!!

Would love for you to visit my site, www.proactiveblackparenting.blogspot.com.


Sally's World said...

i think you could be on to something here x

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