June 10, 2009

Bus chronicles

I've been taking public transportation since I started work because I no longer have free parking at my workplace (sucks!). And if you've been following me on twitter you would know how much it sucks. I've started the "Bus Chronicles" because there is ALWAYS something to write about when you're on the bus. The bus is always late, the schedule makes no sense and the people are crazy - crazy yet funny in so many ways. I'm quite often horrified at the things I hear and see. One day I'm going to write a book about these stories - I promise.

Anyway, I really dislike the bus so I decided to start walking to my car whenever possible. It goes in line with Dr. Mieres' advice of finding a way to work in physical activity into your routine - but really, for me, it gets me off the bus!

Good news: I walked on Monday and Tuesday from my office to my car which is parked 1.3 miles or 17 blocks away. It took me about 30 minutes and it sure felt much further than 1.3 miles - but I did it.

Bad news (at least for the Metro system): On Monday, I made it about 9 blocks away and the bus still hadn't come.

Worse news: Yesterday, I made it the entire way in the rain - all 17 blocks and got into my car and crossed the intersection - and not a single bus.

Moral of the story: Look around because there may be things that irk you that you might be able to translate into something to become a better u - disliking the bus has got me off my laurels and walking!

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Justice Jonesie said...

I can only imagine what goes on in a public bus in our Nation's Capital. Good for you for walking! How I miss DC!

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