May 09, 2009

To Mom - Happy Mother's Day

Let me tell you about my mom. Then again, if you know me, then you already know my mom. You know why? Because I talk her about her all the time. I think about her all the time. I strive to be like her all.the.time.

My mom is the strongest, most compassionate, fair and accomplished woman I know. Every special memory of my childhood involves her in some way - from her having a song for every single little thing to her strict and scary rules about staying on the honor roll in high school to her being at every single school or extracurricular event I ever had. My grandfather always used to tell me: "You know, you're lucky to have that mother of yours..." And even during those days of my days of rebellious teenage years, I knew he was right. No matter what I had on my mind, I could always talk to my mom about anything - and I still can.

In fact, now that I'm a mom, I have even more respect and appreciation for her. She's only become a better person in my eyes as time goes by. She's been through a lot - basically raising my sister and I on her own and spending 20 years in a tumultuous relationship - and yet she remains loving and giving and full of life. I tell everyone that I hope I'm half the woman she is when I'm her age: she is respected by her colleagues at work; she is active in her church; she volunteers as a guardian ad litem for children in the court system; she devotes heart and soul to helping the poorest people of Haiti; and to top it all off, she has fun. She's an active member of a women's organization that performs musicals and donates the proceeds to charity; she does yoga; she travels - the list goes on. Not to mention how fabulous she looks doing it.

And I haven't even told you about what a phenomenal support my mom has been since I've become a mom myself. She has been right there with me every second of the way and is now a fabulous grandma, even making sure to fly up to see her grandkids at least every three months. I could go on about my mom. I thank God for her in my life. And I hope she knows how much she means to me.

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

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Since becoming a woman and then a mother I respect and appreciate my mom for not only what she has done over the years but more importantly how.

My mom basically raised my brother and I on her own for most of our lives. She did have lots of help from my grandmother and aunts and I think that made it a lot easier – I think and hope – but by all determinations, she was a single mom. In spite of having two rug rats to raise on her own she excelled in her career and provided us with everything that we needed and wanted. And, she did all this looking as fly as can be – she had matching 3 inch heels for every outfit!!! Boy…how I wanted to walk in those heels.

Well, today I still want to walk in those heels. She has always been open and understanding, and she always was able to relate to what we were going through, especially as teenagers. She gave me freedom to figure out who I was but was always there to remind me of the parameters that she established. She still offers a lot of insight and guidance, and does it in such a way that I always feel like it’s MY decision, not hers. She was, and still is pretty cool and hip – in fact, she’s the life of the room – any room. She’s friendly and compassionate and comfortable in her skin. She doesn’t hide her flaws, in fact she quite often laughs at them. She has the ability to make the richest, most powerful person, as well as the beggar on the street feel comfortable and welcome in her presence. She’s never slowed down and has never been afraid to learn something new. She has always been and still is full of energy; in fact, I think she never sleeps. She’s embraced being a grandmother and she has always put our needs ahead of hers and although I’m almost 35 and my brother’s 30, she still does.

She loves with all that she is and gives all that she has. If I was allowed to pick someone to be my mom, I would pick her because she’s the best! I love you mom.

Happy mother’s day everyone.

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Sally's World said...

what wonderful heartwarming tributes...

Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day, ladies! I love this post! I'm gonna have to call my mom now! :-)

Jennifer said...

Aww, happy mother's day! I just found your blog and it's so unique! Love it!!

Ms. Wanda said...

What a beautiful post:) I lost my mother 8 years ago so Mother's Day is always a little hard. I understand so much more now that I'm a mom and I wish I could tell her sometimes, I'm sorry for being such a bad kid.

Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom:)

Together We Save said...

Love your blog.

Justice Ny said...

Thanks ladies...hope you had a good day too!

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