April 09, 2009

Not the Most Appetizing Post, I Admit

Here's an underdiscussed baby bunching issue: WHEN YOU HAVE MULTIPLE KIDS, TRIPS TO THE BATHROOM RUN YOUR LIFE. Seriously.

I've always been aware of it, but I'm definitely noticing it more now that we're on vacation. No matter where we are or where we're going, we have to stop at take kids to the restroom (or change a diaper) a zillion times a day. It's gotten to the point where we automatically ask "Anybody need to use the potty?" anytime we approach an establishment that looks like it will have remotely sanitary facilities. And to be honest, it's driving me crazy!

First somebody has to pee. So we take them. We try to convince the other that they should "try" too so as to avoid a second trip for the second one soon after. Inevitably, the second child insists that they don't have to go and refuses to make the trip. Fast forward 20 minutes and sure enough, that one has to go. OR we drag the second one to the bathroom at the same time as the first and force them to go. It doesn't matter. Thirty minutes (ok maybe an hour) will go by and one or both has to go again. Throw in the baby's diaper changes and it's a wonder I get anything else done. Factor in the public restroom scenario (grimy, toilet paper shortage, each kid insisting on using their own cycle of the hand dryer) and you can see my frustration.

I just can't wait for the day when I'm not intricately involved in the bladder and bowel happenings of anyone but me!

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Tara said...

Yes! As my eldest daughter is getting ready to be potty trained, I'm already looking forward to the days when they can just go to the bathroom by themselves. Ahh, what bliss!!

But what will we do with all our free time? :)

Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

Oh yeah . . . independent bathroom-going is nirvana! But we still have to basically double the travel time for anything to allow for multiple stops. Just the way it is.

Peter and Nancy said...

My (childless) sister is totally a good sport with our three. But when we went to the State Fair with her, she was mystified about why I kept doing potty roll call anytime I saw a non-PortaJohn bathroom. I did a little 'splainin', and she was amazed: "I never would have thought of that!" :o)
Feeling your pain,

Quiskaeya said...

Yes I can relate! Of course, they NEVER need to potty when you ask; only minutes after the car has driven away from the bathroom stop and there is no bathroom for miles around. lol

Justice Jonesie said...

I hear ya! Something tells me that we'll be dealing with this for years.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain.

I have seven kids, two in diapers. I'm thinking of buying stock in the porta-potty market.

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