February 05, 2009

It's About That Time

If you know me then you know that every 6 months or so hubby and I get the itch to move to another state. This also means, that if you know me, you are likely to get irritated and roll your eyes when one of us announces "we're moving!" Because in your heart of hearts you know that it's probably not true. But you're a good friend/family member/co-worker/guy at the grocery checkout and so you tolerate our ramblings about the reasons why we need to move and how REALLY! THIS TIME! IT'S FOR REAL! All the while whispering "Ok, whatever" underneath your breath.
You might even humor us by looking at the real estate listings that we email you to check out or remind me that "you guys won't be here, remember?" when I'm telling you where Chatterbox will be going to Kindergarten in the Fall. Some of you will even give me the phone number for your property appraiser and put us in touch with your realtor because you're good people like that. Others will connect us with contacts that might be able to hook us up with new jobs in our new state. But most of all, you guys listen. And you support our dreams no matter how much you are thinking that we're full of it. For all these reasons, I just want to say that we love you for putting up with us and also...thanks in advance! Because we're getting that itch again.

Hey, it's been about 6 months, right?


Justice Ny said...

Please don't go!!!!

Baby Bunching said...

We do the same thing. Every March/April we think the same thing. We look at houses, reconfigure ours to make it ready to sell and then decide to stay put. But not this year! We'll see. Good luck.

A Shorter Mama said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO you can't go!

Natalie Alisha Ward said...

If you leave, I'm leaving (even if I can't go tot he same place)...so, um, keep me updated on whether WE are really leaving (smile...and scratching the itch that I feel coming on...lol).

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