January 14, 2008

ATL Shawty

We're going to Atlanta this weekend to do our first serious round of house hunting. I can't believe the time is finally here. For ages it's been "We're moving in 2008" or "We're going to start house hunting sometime in January." Well, January 2008 is here and we're off to the races. We're fortunate that SIL put us in touch with her realtor who has already been working away getting us neighborhood comps and buyer reports and all that good stuff. Now we just have to get down there and find our new house.

OUR NEW HOUSE! I can hardly contain myself. As a friend of mine said: "You'll be able to buy four houses down there for the price of one house up here. With an elevator." This is my prayer.

Ok, so I don't need an elevator. But a doggone garage would be nice.

But of course, there is the small matter of our current house. What with all the talk of our country slipping into "the big R" hubby is panicked about us selling our current house for a respectable amount. We'll have to wait, pray and see...

In the meantime, we're going to enjoy Giggles' last free flight before she turns 2 in March. After that, it's all about the roadtrips.

One more thing, it's really funny that people's first question once they find out that I'm expecting my third child is: "Are you going to go back to work?" This really never came up when I was expecting Chatterbox or Giggles. Is the implication that with three kids, working outside the home just really isn't possible? Not that I'm arguing, mind you - I would love to not have to work full-time, even now. It's just interesting that this is the question I'm getting the most.


3XMom said...

I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my third. People were downright rude. Acquaintances made remarks like "umm..they know how to prevent that (pregnancy) now". It was unbelieveable. And people assumed there was no way I was coming back to work. Here I am 17 months later, working full time - with three kids under age 6. It can be done!

Anonymous said...

Okay, girl, I'm obviously totally out of the loop since I missed that you were pregnant AND that you are moving.

A sure sign I need to check your blog more often.

I didn't have anyone ask that when I was pregnant with my 3rd - I think those around me all knew me enough to know that I would never want to SAHM. I DID however get asked several times if she was planned. At the time, I assumed it was because I got pregnant with my 3rd less than a year after having my 2nd, but now I wonder if it wasn't some sort of backhanded judgement of my mothering skills, lol!

Lisa Pizza said...

have a safe trip and make sure my guest room has a window.

Justice Jones said...

I got that question all that time as well. And when I'm around the three kids, people always assume I don't work. Happy house hunting!

JJ said...

hmmm. interesting question. trust me, life with three children is very challenging so...i understand. were having fun still tho!!

awww well miss u in dc. we love atlanta. hubby always wanted to move there.

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