November 17, 2008

Day1: Single Mommy Boot Camp

To borrow the phrase from JJ at Mischief Makers, I am in Single Mommy Boot Camp this week as hubby is at a week-long conference in a LUXURY HOTEL in SAN FRANSCISCO. Poor soul. The week got off to a promising start. Yesterday hubby left in the morning and the girls got their hair braided. In the afternoon, my good friend came over to provide me with "backup" at the grocery store. I had planned to do my grocery shopping for the week on Saturday while Hubby was still home, but the day escaped me. The shopping trip went well thanks, in large part, to my friend who pushed Chatterbox and Giggles' around in their own shopping cart, took them to the inevitable trips to the potty, and fed them yummy store samples much to their delight. Couple that with the fact that L'il Buddy slept the entire time, and I was able to get everything on my least without breaking a sweat, raising my voice, or cursing under my breath. Hooray! My friend even came home, helped me unload and put away the groceries and set up the kids' dinner. Thank God for girlfriends!

Last night was a bit rough since L'il Buddy woke up his usual 4 times and I had no one to split the night shift with. And Giggles woke up around 5am wanting to sleep in my bed. The silver lining of my sleepless night is that I was able to wake up early (since I was technically already awake) and get the day started. By the time the nanny came, we were all ready to walk out the door and she dropped me to the metro before taking the girls to school. I even made it to work at a decent hour - woot! Now, let's see how the evening commute and dinner/nighttime routine goes.

I can say this: I only have to swing it by myself until Friday and I have the help of a nanny --single moms everywhere get mad props from me.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

"All the Single Ladies" ok, I was channeling Beyoncé there for a moment but I totally agree- hats off to Single Mommas! It is hard enough doing it with a spouse that "supposedly" helps (when he feels like it after I rant enough). I wish you luck this week. It is going to be a rough one.

Smiling Mama said...

What a great friend! Good luck!

Justice Jonesie said...

Good luck this week!! I remember when Hubby "had" to go to a conference in Vegas when the little one was just a few months old. Not exactly fun.

JJ said...

here here! thnx for the linky love!

Momaroma said...

Here's to the single moms - every time I have one day (yes just one) that I have to be completely responsible for my two children, I toast every single mom on the planet!

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