November 27, 2006

MamaLaw #4 - Celebrate your girlfriends

Here I was all set to issue a proclamation creating a "Girlfriends' Day" when, lo and behold, I discovered that there already is one! Apparently the 3rd Sunday in September has been celebrated as National Women's Friendship Day since 1999. Who knew??

This was a particularly tough weekend on the marriage front and I would not have made it through as well as I did had it not been for close friends. Mind you, J. Jones and J. Ny both decided not to answer their phones when I called amidst my crisis, but I must say that there have been many times when they have answered and lent me their shoulders to lean on. Anyway, without getting into the nitty gritty details, I just wanted to let the world know that I am thankful for the blessing of caring and supportive girlfriends. Since I missed National Women's Day this year, I am taking today to say thanks!!

So remember to take time to celebrate the important women in your life -- it's important to let them know that they are appreciated. Now, I am starving for some "girltime," so I am tempted to say "let's start planning our next GirlTrip!" but (pfft!) we all know how that story goes... Just in case you forgot, let me recap:

GirlTrip 2003 (Martha's Vineyard) - Decent Turnout
GirlTrip 2004 (Bahamas) - Sad Turnout
GirlTrip 2005 (Chicago) - Sorry (Diva) Turnout
Girltrip 2006 (Houston) - No Turnout!

I have hopes that we'll get it together one day. In light of the pathetic success rate of our yearly GirlTrips, maybe I should have been focusing on a 5-year reunion instead. Can you believe 2007 is pratically here?

Love ya'll!


Justice Jones said...

Sorry I didn't answer but you know that I am there for you any time you need me! I've had my share of marital drama so I can always lend an ear or advice or whatever the case may be.
I spent this weekend doing the wake and funeral for my Jack & Jill sister who was killed on Monday. Her death has really made me evalute life and how short it can be. Tomorrow is not promised. It broke my heart to see her husband and children. He really looked lost. And what is terrible is that they just found out a few days ago that they were finally expecting (remember they just adopted since they were having difficulty getting preggers). At times, motherhood can be very exhausting and difficult, especially when juggling full time careers, and multiple side business (J. Fergie) but we really need to just embrace motherhood. We are blessed to have children and to be mothers. At the same time, our husbands are blessed to have women who are such devoted and committed mothers. We are awesome. I used to think DH didn't appreciate me or all of my efforts but one day we had a discussion on how much he really values me and what I do for our family and it really made my year. But not too long ago, I realized that I do not need him to validate my commitment to my children. It's nice to be appreciated but I know that I'm doing my best so I'm proud of me. I'm not sure what happened this weekend J. Ferg but I hope you were able to work it out. Stay prayerful and do not worry.

Justice Ny said...

J. Jones said it all. I, too, I'm sorry that I did not answer...but I called back a little later. I do hope that you were able to sort things out. I know you had family in town as well and I've found that that can be particularly stressful on the marriage. I hope you are guys are at least talking to each other.

Re: our girls trip this year...maybe we can plan it around our friend's wedding in MIA. I know I really want to go to the wedding and although MIA is a little played out for this crew, it just might be the perfect opportunity!

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