October 02, 2008


Chatterbox learned a new word at school yesterday. You guessed it - the "eff" word. I couldn't believe it! And she had to know it was bad because when I asked her to repeat it to me after Giggles tattled on her, she refused. I must have looked visibly panic-stricken because she insisted that she could not repeat it and wouldn't tell me where she heard it. I mean, I knew this would come one day, but so sooon??

What's next? Crystal meth in her backpack?

I know. NOT FUNNY.


Mekhismom said...

Oh NO!!!! The things that children pick up at school are unbelievable. i am sorry that this happened so soon. I guess a conversation about good and bad words is necessary now.

Justice Jonesie said...

You should advise her to never say that f'ng word again. No pun intended. :)

Seriously, tell her it's not a nice word to use even though she may hear other people say it. If she does, she should remind them that it's not a nice word.

Wanda said...

Dang this heathen world!

They learn some crummy stuff out there!

So sorry....

Justice Ny said...

Gosshhhh ... I guess I should clean my potty mouth. I never thought that they would pick up those words so early - but I guess they are a lot smarter these days!

Days like These! said...


*just kidding* ;)

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