September 29, 2008

Scene and Haired

I recently bought DD a new hair brush - nothing fancy, but a new one. She's been totally excited about this new brush; probably because she's learning to brush her own hair.

DD: Mommy, I'm brushing everything (as she brushes the wall).
Me: No, honey. This is a hair brush and it's only to brush hair.
DD: Okay.

A couple seconds later...she's brushing my leg:-

Me: What are you doing?
DD: I'm brushing your hair!!!!

Is she trying to tell me something:)


Anonymous said...

OK...laughing out loud! My little boy is learning to brush his teeth (17 months old) and I caught him trying to use it on the cat...ugh,

ermine and pearls said...


Mekhismom said...

Now that is laugh out loud funny!

Justice Fergie said...

as you would say: "Shame!!" LOL

Baby Bunching said...

Seriously! That is so funny. :-)

Justice Jonesie said...

Yes, she's trying to tell you something! Do better Justice NY!

A Shorter Mama said...

That was so funny I had to forward to my mom:)

P.S. Ask Justice Fergie about "New York" ;)

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