September 05, 2008

Product Review: Jooners

I've found it! The cure to "Mommy Brain." Well, maybe not the cure, but a definite way to help.

Jooners, an online organizational tool, was founded by a mother of two who wanted to help moms stay on top of all of the scheduling and coordination that comes with having kids. How does it work? The website offers a host of ready-made "people planners" for anything from Carpool to Snack Duty to Organizing Volunteers. If you're like me and often on the coordinating end of these types of tasks, Jooners will be a lifesaver. All you need to do is click on the planner you want to use, fill in any missing details if necessary, and send it to your list of contacts with a personal note. Jooners will even import your contacts for you from your address book and let you organize them in a Group. The request will show your group who is doing what, and...what still needs to be done. Once they sign up, the task is auto-calendered and the website sends auto-reminders so no one will forget what they signed up for.

There are tons of planners to choose from. You can browse them by category (i.e. Fundraisers or Sports) or you can browse by role (i.e. Room Parent or Teacher). I found out about Jooners just in time! Hubby and I are organizing the parents at Chatterbox and Giggles' new school to form an unofficial PTA (it's a small school) and the School Committee Chair Sign-Up Planner will come in very handy. Wanna know more? Check out the video tour.

They also have many more planners in the works, like Family Packing Lists (which I will totally use) and Home Improvements. And there is a Family Calendar function that allows you to color code each family member's schedule and allows them to access the calendar so that everyone is on the same page (literally!)

Oh and did I mention that it's FREE?

So if you're a parent that needs to coordinate volunteers for the events in their children's lives at school and after it, or if you just need to organize your own family, you should give Jooners a try. Your Mommy Brain will thank you.
*By the way - product reviews are entirely unpaid (but for the free samples) and voluntary. Just want to make that clear!*

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Dana Larson said...

THANK YOU! I just used Jooners to coordinate volunteers for a creek clean-up I'm organizing for an environmental group I work with. Jooners worked like magic.

Most of the people that responded had never seen Jooners before because it's new. But they LOVED it. I had more people sign-up to join in the effort than ever before. I think it's because people could do it from work, home, or their mobile. And once they saw the sign-up form they already could see what time slots were still available, submit their name for the slots and know it was booked in their calendar. No back & forth "am I in?" emails.

Really great. Cool new product. Thanks for sharing this.

Dana Larson
Alexandria, VA

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