July 21, 2008

This Sucks

"Unfortunately, the state of Florida will not be offering its usual sales tax free week during 2008. In the past, the sales tax holiday was voted upon in the state legislature, but the measure was not brought up for a vote this year. Should the state of Florida decide to offer a sales tax free week again in 2009, this site will be updated to include those dates."

I look forward to tax free week every year. My single friends enjoy the annual sale at Nordstrom's or things like that, but me, I look forward to the usual week in early August/late July where I can buy all the school uniforms, clothes, and school/office supplies tax free. The savings add up. I haven't heard anything about this year so after Googling it this morning this is what I find. Outrageous! First, I'm forced to decide between buying gas for my car or feeding my family and now this!! What do they mean, "the measure was not brought up for a vote this year"?? At least put it up for a vote and vote no. But to not even put it on the table is insulting. We need our tax breaks!! We need lower gas prices!! I don't want to worry about my 12 MPG vehicle when I'm picking kids up from school and I want to be able to buy fresh fruit and milk for my family without having to pay ridiculous prices for it! I can't wait until November because I am ready for a new administration. Change is coming people.

Okay, back to cleaning the kids rooms before they come back from their trip at the grandparents'. I'll have to update you guys on our summer trip later this week.

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Ginny said...

I so hear you! We never got the tax break thing in MI, but gas is killing me. My car also gets 12mpg & I don't have a cool SUV either. I have an old piece of crap because I can't afford a newer car. Ugh, so tired of the bad economy.

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