June 30, 2008

Taking A Break


This morning I'm getting everyone ready for our big trip to visit my parents in Kansas. All five of us are flying on Friday which means I have to pack at least four and a half of us. I pack the kids and myself and get Hubby's bag started with the basic essentials. you guys know the drill.

After washing loads of laundry, packing those clothes, cleaning up the house from our busy weekend, and running through my to-do list for the week, I decide to take a break. We're all upstairs in Oldest's room listening and singing along to one of my favorite kid CDs and I get the bright idea to whip out my violin and play along to the songs. I played the violin for about 12 years but haven't played it in about that long either. About once or twice a year I may play a song or two from the past, vow to take lessons again and revisit my old hobby but never touch the thing for another four to six months.

Now I'm playing some songs, getting about every second or third note correct and not doing so bad and after the first song, Oldest gave me a standing ovation. Wow! I'm not so bad. I was so proud of myself I go on and play a few more songs getting noticeably worse but determined to keep going. At about the fourth or fifth song, Oldest says, "Mommy, don't you want to take a break?"

Clearly I wasn't as good as I thought.

I gave the kids cupcakes after our little music session. Everyone is happy and having a great time but as typically happens with our house, we go from great time to great drama. Youngest was no longer amused with Daughter and in this last picture he's reaching out and getting ready to yank at her at hair. Then World War 3 starts and I had to break up the fight getting myself dirty and cupcake crumbs all over the carpet I just cleaned up. Nice.

I need a break.


Justice Fergie said...

"we go from great time to great drama"

ain't that the truth? that's definitely the case in my house too.

violin? piano? sewing? you're such a renaissance woman.

Natalie Alisha Ward said...

Justice Jones, the kids are sooooooooooooooooo cute and so big! Glad you all are having a great summer - what a blessing for you to be able to spend the summer with them!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are beautiful. I can totally identify with the great to drama and my two are 7.5 years apart.

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