July 31, 2008

*UPDATED* Summer Review #2 & Giveaway: BK Fresh Apple Fries

Congratulations to A Shorter Mama and "cpullum"! They both will be receiving BK Crown Cards worth $10 each. Stay tuned for the next MamaLaw giveaway coming soon...

The fine folks at Burger King sent me their new Fresh Apple Fries (and a fly lunchbag!) to try out and I must say, they were a hit with Chatterbox and Giggles. The "fries" (fresh apples cut into fry shapes) were fresh, crunchy and sweet - so much so, that the girls didn't even bother with the low-fat caramel dipping sauce that came with them. I did try the sauce though and it was quite yummy.

It's about time that moms were offered an alternative to boring, fatty french fries for their kids' meals. In fact, it's gotten so that Chatterbox doesn't even eat the french fries anymore. Of course, a lot of the popular fast food restaurants do offer some substitutions, but I think these BK Fresh Apple Fries are one that the kids will actually
eat. Making the thought of yet another drive-thru dinner easier for moms to stomach.

Wanna try out the BK Fresh Apple Fries for yourself? I'm giving away 2
BK Crown Cards worth $10 each, courtesy of the King! Just leave me a comment and I'll announce the winners on Monday 8/4.

Translation: YUMMY.


A Shorter Mama said...

You KNOW I want to try;)

JeniBeans said...

WOW, I bet even MY littles would love this!

I'm in!

cpullum said...

How cute I would love to win and my 10 year old wants the fries!!!!

Ginny said...

I think my youngest would LOVE these, she always opts for the apples at McD's.

The Riley Chronicles said...

Add me to the list!

ChiTown Girl said...

Those look yummy!!!

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