July 30, 2008

My Poor Baby!

So yesterday we all went to Delaware for the day since Hubby had a meeting to attend. Things were going swimmingly with me toting all three kids around a new city: we went to the Zoo; made bead necklaces in the park; ate lunch; checked out a toy store, and then...on the way out of the Mall, Giggles slipped and fell and chipped.her.tooth!!!!

Of course she also cut her bottom lip a bit so she was beside herself crying and I was so shaken up when I realized that a piece of her tooth was missing. Anyway, I immediately called the pediatrician who said to call the dentist who said to come in first thing this morning. Giggles was fine after a few minutes, and we left to pick up Hubby from his meeting. And I was dreading having to say: "Hi honey! How did it go? We had a great day. With one little mishap..."

This morning we were at the pediatric dentist bright and early. Giggles was a little scared, but hung in there for an X-ray and mouth exam (all as a result of being bribed with Dora stickers). In the end, the dentist said there had been no permanent damage done and she was fine. The dentist advised against repairing the tooth for aesthetic purposes, because Giggles is so young and will be losing that tooth eventually. Also, she has a fierce thumb-sucking habit which would loosen any filling or cap and could be dangerous. So, my baby will have a chipped smile for the next few years!! I feel so bad, but it could be worse. I felt so guilty, but my mom assured me that there is nothing to feel bad about and that kids break limbs and injure themselves all the time and it's not anybody's fault, it's just being a kid. Intellectually, that makes perfect sense, but seeing her "new" smile...I still can't help feeling bad about it.

FYI: jelly sandals + shiny mall floor tile + active toddler = BAD NEWS!!


Justice Jones said...

OMG! What an outing. It's not your fault at all, it could have happened anywhere with anyone. Her new smile will just add more character to her already cute face!

A Shorter Mama said...

I didn't even notice it, I was distracted by her cute face. I understand how you feel, Christopher fell so bad last month, the scar went down to the white meat:( The scar is still there serving as a reminder of him falling "on my watch." Ahhhh, motherhood.

A Shorter Mama said...

P.s. Happy birthday!!!

Justice Ny said...

It could have happened in the backyard so, please don't be tough on yourself. You were being the supermom that you always are by juggling three little ones in a new city - AND, she's going to lose the tooth anyway; so she won't know a thing!!!!

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