March 04, 2008

Our Latest Assignment

The homework assignments keep 'a comin' I tell you.

After having us create a poster board for Chatterbox's "Star of the Week" presentation week before last, and then tie-dye a square for her classroom's Black History Month quilt last week, you would think the school would lay off of the homeworks assignments for a little while, but alas Friday she came home with an unassuming blue tote bag filled with goodies...and instructions for Mom and Dad. This one was easy enough though. Each student takes turns bringing home the "Dino Book Bag" and has to read the story and take a photo with the person they normally read stories with, and, of course, the stuffed dinosaur. By the time I remembered the assignment we were all (yes, me too) in our pajamas and ready for bed. So, here was our end product:

Good thing for digital cameras and HP printer paper!


Anonymous said...

Cutie Pies!

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment. And don't be too envious. I only get my hair done when I have a serious root problem, and I only get my nails done when they are nearly falling off. The ladies at the nail salon always make me feel guilty! Anyway, I wanted to say thanks, and more importantly, I wanted to let you know that your kids are absolutely adorable!

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