March 03, 2008

Birthday Party 911

Ah, it's that time of year again.

Only this time, things are a bit different since Chatterbox has actually started going to school. Last week she got her first birthday party invitation from a classmate. She is so excited. It's going to be at everybody's favorite germfest, Chuck E. Cheese next weekend. I'll spare you the details of how fun it is telling her that the party is not for another TWO WEEKS and no, she cannot go to the party today, everyday when she runs into the kitchen to look at the invitation on the fridge. Here's my question - it's the very first party that she's been invited to that Giggles has not - can I bring Giggles along to the party too?

Hubby will have his football games that day and so she won't be able to stay home with him, not to mention that she and Chatterbox are rarely separated and if Chatterbox is running around singing about how she is going to "CHUCKYCHEESES!" that is not going to go over very well. At the same time, I know there is birthday party etiquette to be followed and don't want to show up at the party with an uninvited child. What to do? What to do? I could call the mom up and ask her, but that might be a bit tacky. And what is she going to say? "No, you can't bring your other daughter?" It would put her in an awkward position. Then again, what if that is exactly what she says - am I going to not go to the party and deprive Chatterbox of the fun she's been anticipating for weeks?

Oh the drama of it all.

On another birthday party note, Giggles turns 2 this week! And her birthday party theme of choice is the Wonder Pets (who I adore). Easy enough, right? WRONG. Nick Jr. doesn't license the Wonder Pets characters so, unlike Dora or Elmo, if you go into a party store you will find nary a plate, balloon or napkin with Linny, Tuck or Ming-Ming on it. So Mommy's been getting creative...let's just say, thank goodness for eBay. But if you're little one is set on a WP party, try to steer them in the direction of The Backyardigans or something and save yourself the trouble.

Oh the drama of it all.


Sue said...

I always bring extra kids to Chuck E. Cheese parties. I just buy my own tokens for them and don't partake of the food unless there is leftovers. Bring the hand sanitizer! (The last time we walked into CEC, some kid had puked right inside the door... oh the germs!)

3XMom said...

This is tricky, as I think these parties are expensive. I would let Chatterbox sit with the birthday kids in that special section and stay outside that area with Giggles during the party part. Obviously they could play together when they all come out to play.

Good luck - i have this with my girls as well. Usually they are invited together, but not always. Not an easy situation!


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Anonymous said...

I just went through this with my little ANTM's party. She loves Shushybye baby. There is nothing out there for that either. Well, let's just say soem real "creative" things happened to giv emy baby a Shushybye party. LOL!
As for the Chuck E. Cheese dilema, this one might be alittle easier to get away with than most situations because as one person mentioned, she can just play with her sister and the other kids in the sea of kids in the germ factory and you can distract her elsewhere when the party specific things are going on.

Sandra Crane said...

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