March 11, 2008

Mid-Week Traffic Report

"Traffic is slow due to a disabled vehicle in the left lane."

Yep, wouldn't you know it. That disabled vehicle was me, again. This time it had nothing to do with failing to put gas in the car. Nope, just a tire that blew out for some random reason. And wouldn't you know it, I was in my gym clothes that are meant to be worn at the gym and no where else. And who was in the car? Daughter. She was all excited about my tire "popping." The good thing I was actually getting ready to turn into the parking lot adjacent to Youngest's daycare so I wasn't driving fast nor was I on a bridge. Like last time.

When I pulled over to check on my tire, it had a big hole on the side, about two inches wide. Like if I was driving and someone slashed my tire while en route. Nice.

Lucky me, a police officer was a few cars behind me. He pulls over as I'm trying to call my roadside assistance service and proceeds to tell me that I couldn't leave my car in the median even though he looked at my tire and poked his finger in the hole. I look at him and ask, "How do you expect me to move it?" And he says, "oh." Then I got back into my car because I was trying to give the road side assistance service my VIN number.

Then he stands at my window and asks if I was calling my husband to come and change the tire. HA! He doesn't know my husband. Pretty Ricky is not going to even attempt to change the tire on my bigger than life SUV that seats 8 adults and 20 kids, all at one time.

So I give him the, "hold on a sec" finger so I can finish my conversation with RSA, and then finally tell him who I'm calling.

After I got the police officer off my back, I did call Hubby and "kindly" reminded him about the last two oil changes I had and how at both oil changes the service person informed me that my tires needed to be replaced because the treads were wearing thin. Did the tires get replaced? Noooooooooooo, because Hubby was sure the service guy was just trying to make a quick buck and that the tires were better than fine.

So Hubby finally pulls up in his car with the rest of the gang so that we can all take part in the exciting adventure of the day. He proceeds to look at my tires, kicks the blown out one, and confirms what we already knew. "Yep, the tires need to be replaced. Better make an appointment ASAP, we don't want you getting into an accident on the highway."



Rachel said...

I had that happen once when max was really young. Two tires actually were flat. It stunk and I wasnot happy about it at all. I love that truck. Very cool mama!!

3XMom said...

lol...we have to get our tires replaced right now too. We are going on a roadtrip this weekend, so really need to do it in the next 3 days. I think you have sparked me to make SURE we do it!

Justice Fergie said...

LOL. I know this was probably not at all funny to you, but it was hilarious to me, especially knowing "pretty Ricky."

Glad everyone is safe!

Dee said...

Glad no one was hurt, but LOL at "Pretty Ricky". I call my husband "Pretty Louey" b/c he takes so long to get ready to go out! Longer than me! :-P

The Spunky Mommy said...

Oh, I feel for you. I blocked traffic last year when my car broke down and I was so embarrassed. Your story is funny though...thanks for sharing. And remind me not to drive with you! :)

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