February 27, 2008

Checkin' In

I am guilty of not blogging for maybe three weeks. Pathetic. I don't have any real good reason, like J. Fergie who has been put through the ringer the past two weeks. (Yikes! I hope everyone is all better.) Well, I do have a few reasons, but they can't compete with what's been going on with everyone else. I have been checking in on my favorite blogs, but I'm also guilty of lurking. So I'm wrong all over the place.

But I thought I would check in today, say "hello!" to everyone out there. I've been "busy" trying to create patterns with my days so that I can accomplish everything I should/want to but never find the time to do. You know how that is. I'm still moving at the speed of lightening but now I'm sticking to a schedule. For almost three months now I've even been going to the gym, three times a week. Wow. I used to work out occasionally, either at home or in our community fitness center, but this is way better. I'm meeting a few people here and there and it's become a routine that I look forward to every day. You never know what can happen at the gym either. Like today, I saw a woman that is seven months pregnant do a handstand in yoga. A handstand!! She had someone spotting her, but still, to be upside on your hands for a good several seconds, amazing. Truly amazing. I'm always impressed by woman that can even walk while they are pregnant, so this handstand blew me away. I wouldn't have been able to bend over like that even if I wanted to. I'm sure she checked with her doctor and got the okay to do this because I'm trying to figure out how that's not dangerous. I bit my tongue though, because I know how annoying unsolicited advice can be.

I also wanted to share something else that I found pretty amazing, or maybe freakin' hilarious is the better term. Oldest's school is putting on its annual auction to raise money. Of course, all items up for auction are donated by parents. It's not enough that we pay too much to go there in the first place, or that we have to purchase only one brand of uniforms from only one store in town (which I'm sure the school gets a kick back on all of our purchases), and that we pay extra for every darn thing including lunch, books, field trips, morning and afternoon snacks, etc. but now they are asking us to donate to the auction. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have a problem donating some money or maybe lotion from Bath and Body Works or something. But this is what they are asking us to donate, "other items that we would like to acquire are vacation homes, limo packages, tickets to sporting events, or car care packages with oil change, car wash, and tire service."

I'm laughing so hard, this is just crazy!!!! Why don't I just donate a free trip on my fully staffed private jet? That should make them happy.


Justice Fergie said...

ok, now THAT is funny. the school has some nerve! oooo, the pressure is on. WHAT are you going to donate??

Good for you for going to the gym!! That's fantastic.

Justice Jones said...

I know! I'm donating cash towards a spa day/service. We got an email from the homeroom mom and that's what she would like the class to contribute.

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