November 01, 2007

LOVE IT! Thursdays: Keeping Organized

So I am an organizer/planner junkie. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved calendars, agendas and the like. In fact, one of my best friends used to tease me in college that she would hide my agenda to see if I would be able to survive without it. Hardee Har-Har, Tricie.

The fact is, that I like writing things down - appointments, birthdays, meetings, lists - and planners help me keep myself organized. Especially now that I have two small children and zero brain cells left, I need a planner in order to remember, well, anything. The thing is - all agendas are not created equal. No siree.

I started the year out with the Polestar Family Calendar. It was pretty good. Enough space on each page to write down what you need, place for important numbers, etc. And I liked the pockets on the inside covers where I could store loose pieces of paper. Because I tend to have one or two of those lying around. The problem wasn't cute. I mean the picture on the cover was ok but I am (in my mind) and young, hip and stylish mom who is not yet prepared for accessories adorned with oil paintings. Ya dig? To its credit, the planner was only $15. Which is a steal in planner world.

I give The Polestar Family Calendar:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

Then, one day I was in a stationery shop and came across the coveted MomAgenda. I had been eyeying this one for a while but could never justify spending over $40 on an agenda for myself. I even bought one for another mom friend and a MyAgenda for a girlfriend. They are so pretty (mine is green). And chic. And spill-proof. Just perfect. I've been using it for the past several months and I love it. It has spaces for me to write in my kids' names to keep track of their schedules too. And spaces for the dinner menu for each weeknight. The only thing I miss is the inside cover pockets for my loose papers. Of which, as I may have mentioned, I have one or two.

I give the MomAgenda:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

Next I plan on trying the Sandra Boynton Moms Family Desk Planner. I hear that's the gold standard in mom planners. When I tried to get it a couple of months ago, the 2007s were all sold out and the 2008s weren't available yet, so I got the MomAgenda instead. But I'm coming for it. Count on it.


Sheena said...

The Moms Family Desk Planner reminds me of the Bernstain Bears. I can't stand anything that's too "mature" for me either, it has to be stylish and hip! That Momagenda must be hot, $40 woweee. I hear people constantly talking about it. Some of them got them for free I trust your opinion since you actually spent the $40 more than ONCE on them.

A friend gave me a 3-Way Pad to make lists for home, work, and play. It's pretty neat but doesn't have dates in it. Right now I'm using a $0.50 notebook, haha!

3XMom said...

I am a big fan of the More Organized Mom's calendar -

I have it mounted on the wall in my kitchen and i LOVE it.

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