October 04, 2007

Into the Mouths of Babes

Alrighty, I have a confession to make.

Giggles sucks her thumb.

And it's gotten progressively worse. At first she only used to suck it on occasion, but lately, chances are that she sucking it more often than not. It really doesn't bother me all that much. I know that possibility of braces looms in our future. But it doesn't drive me nuts and I'm not a stickler for making her stop.

Enter hubby.

He is always after her to "take her thumb out of her mouth." I think he is particularly insane about it because he sucked his thumb for an embarassingly long time as a child. Whatever the reason, it's starting to cause tension between us. He makes her cry when trying to stop her habit and I hate that. Why can't he just let her be? She's only 18 months old. Am I being too lenient? What should we do?

Anyone have any advice?


Lisa said...

Let her suck her thumb! Thumb suckers unite : ). My daughter is four and still sucks her thumb, although only at night when she falls asleep. She doesn't really suck it any other time. I sucked my thumb until I was 20, I mean 10, years old!!!! Really, ten years old. I never had to have braces and I think I have a nice smile, if I say so myself.

I found you through Minivan Mom....

Big Mama said...

Caroline had her pacifier until she was 3 and she's none worse for the wear. I say let her go, you're only little once!

Justice Jones said...

I agree, she's still a baby. Now, if she was four or five and still doing it in public, then maybe there would be reason to discourage the sucking. But if she's 10 with a nice smile and does it only at night, then what's the biggie???

My kids were all Binky junkies but at age 3 I cut them off. It's cruel and usual, I'm sure, but that's just my cut off age.

And so far, the youngest one, that really started enjoying the Binky at age 14 months, will likely need braces. But I think that's genetics at work, not excessive use of pacifiers or bottle.

Traci said...

None of my three kids sucked a bottle or pacifier, but my twelve month old bits her nails...ALREADY! I don't get on her about it because she is so young even though it drives me crazy. Just let your little one such her thumb. She'll be okay.

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