September 07, 2007

So Much for Anonymity...

This past Tuesday marked the launch of the DC Metro Moms Blog! It's a group blog, made up of about 2 dozen or so moms writing about their lives as parents in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. The blog is a spin-off of the ridiculously popular Silicon Valley Moms Blog that you've almost certainly seen, heard or read about on or in some trendy website or magazine.

Ok, are you sitting down?

Guess who is one of the DC Metro Moms bloggers? Yep, yours truly. It's such an exciting opportunity. We'll be a first point of contact for press and media on topics that are important to us mommy bloggers. In fact, since the blog's launch only four days ago, there have already been several media mentions of the blog or its contributors in major mainstream press like ABC News and the Washington Post. So check us out. It really is an impressive group.

You can read my very first post here. It's an expansion on my previous post about this week. Oh yeah...and you'll get to find out my real name.

'Cuz I know that you're just dying to know.


JJ said...

Good for you!! I'll be reading! Thnx for the birthday wishes too btw!

Justice Jones said...

That's awesome. I saw the sneak peak last week and the blog looks great!

Jodi said...

awesome! congrats.

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