September 07, 2007

Can I Get a TGIF?

What a week!

It started off on Sunday with Chatterbox having a stomach virus which resulted in all types of bodily fluids spewing from both ends of the poor dear. YUM. By Monday she had recovered and we had a lovely Labor Day excitedly anticipating her FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Here she is in all of her nursery school uniform glory. Ain't she a doll? I took the day off so that I could spend some extra time dropping her off and picking her up. She loved school and never even shed a tear.

Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment in the morning so we were able to take our time getting out of the house. After that I stopped by mothers' group meeting (hey, I was already going in to work late anyway) and came in to work after lunch.

Yesterday the nanny was 15 minutes late getting to our house to watch Giggles, and so we were 15 minutes late too. Our morning routine needs to work like clockwork otherwise, I'll never make it all the way to work on time after driving 10 minutes in the opposite direction to take Chatterbox to school. I got to work about 30 minutes late. Not too bad. Nobody noticed.

Today, everybody overslept. I jumped out of bed at 6:58 am and frantically woke up hubby who normally has to be on the road by 7:00am. And Chatterbox and I are supposed to on the road by 7:15am. Things were not looking good. Of course the nanny came early. By 7:45am we were all ready to go but Giggles was feeling very cranky and so I picked her up to make her feel better.

And then she threw up. Twice.

It was only a matter of time I suppose. I cleaned her up, told the nanny I would come right back home and took Chatterbox to school. Where I was thrown for a loop because FRIDAY! IS PIZZA DAY AT SCHOOL! Didn't you get the note? Um, no. [Aren't I off to a great start of the school year?] So I scraped up $2.50 from various crevices of my purse and was on my way home. I called the pediatrician to schedule a "sick child" appointment. The earliest was 11:20am. Since I had been at work a grand total of 1.5 days this week, it was time to call in backup. Hubby agreed to take Giggles to the doctor and I could go in to work.

By the time I stopped off at home, returned Chatterbox's Non-Friday Lunch to the fridge, checked in on Giggles (who was sleeping) and got back on the road, it was 9:00am. Factor in the end of rush hour traffic, and I made it to the office by 10:00am. Which got me thinking.



Gift of Green said...

Okay, is she just the cutest thing EVER in her uniform? That's why they are so you forget about the spewing. : ) And the point insurance? Or are you on your hubby's plan?

jazzmoh said...

She looks sooo cute! Love the bows in her hair.

Dee said...

Thank goodness for the weekend, phew! She's adorable in her uniform. Cutie!

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