September 13, 2007

LOVE IT! Thursdays

This week's LIT theme is: Children's Television Shows.

My kids aren't big television watchers. Which is good. However, they do "say" that they like Barney, SpongeBob (can we say NOT toddler-appropriate?) and they pretend to like Dora. But I notice that after about 4 minutes, I'm the only one left in the room reprimanding Swiper.

There are 3 shows that I really do like though.

(1) The Goodnight Show on PBS Sprout.

I think the concept of this show is great. Nina and Star host a 3-hour long show that is aimed at preparing kids to go to bed. Various shows are aired, including The Berenstain Bears and Pigglywinks, and in between Nina and Star do crafts, sign language, storytime, learn colors and visit kids celebrating a birthday. Oh and of course there is the ever-popular Birthday Show. What I find adorable is that every night around 8:30pm, Star gets ready for bed and they do a segment on teeth brushing and face washing and pajamas and then he puts on his nightcap and goes to sleep. Nina carries on the show for those "Sproutlets" still awake and watching TV. My kids watch this nightly from about 7:30pm to 8pm. I have to say that it calms them down and puts them in "sleep" mode.

I give The Goodnight Show:
5 gavels: "Loved it! Can't live without it!"

(2) Higglytown Heroes on Playhouse Disney

I love this show. We watch this on Saturdays. Each episode highlights a different member of the community and their special skill and/or contribution to society. I like that the characters are diverse and that they value everyone from the pizza delivery guy to the librarian to the animal shelter worker. One of my favorite episodes was when they featured a sign-language interpreter for one of the characters who was deaf. It was very well-done. Another episode that stuck with me was when they were at the beach and Twinkle (who is African-American) was sad because she couldn't go in the water for fear of getting her hair wet and ruining the style. I thought that part was very honest and realistic and a good way to raise awareness among children (and adults) about cultural differences.

I give The Higglytown Heroes:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

*Special Mention:
Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr.

Ok, so this show is brand spankin' new and has the kiddie airwaves a buzz. I saw one episode and think it's very cute and fun. It's hosted by furry monsters and a man who looks like a rapper circa 1985 named DJ Lance, and all of the lessons are set to music, usualy hip-hop. (Sounds crazy, I know) Each show has a celebrity guest ranging in genre from Elijah Wood to Biz Markie. The first episode encouraged kids to eat veggies and brush their teeth. All the songs and colors were catchy and my daughters actually watched the entire thing quietly which is worth its weight in gold. Can't wait for more.

Ok! You know the drill. For the LIT rules, click here. What shows do you like/dislike for your kids to watch?

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Beth F. said...

Um...I heart yo gabba gabba. As do my children. The music is awesome. It's come a long way since Barney!

Great choice!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Evan LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba!! It is such a hit!!!
Auntie Fe

divaliscious11 said...

Well our very favorite, which is now back on Noggin is Little Bill. My 5, almost 6 year old loves seeing someone who looks like him!! Unfortnately he loves Spongebob too...I guess its balance????

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