September 06, 2007

LOVE IT! Thursdays:

The theme for this week's LIT is:
Favorite skincare products for my children.

There's nothing sweeter than the feel of a young child's skin, is there? So soft and smooth and they just smell so yummy. That's why I love using great skin care products on my girls. Here are a couple of my favorites:

First up is Kiehl's Nurturing Cream for Face and Body. This stuff is fantastic, I tell you. It smells wonderful and is rich and creamy, but not at all greasy and is all natural. I bought this while expecting my first daughter (you know - the "excited new mom" shopping spree?) at a Kiehl's store while on a weekend trip in Philadephia. And I loved it. I used everyday after her bath and actually looked forward to putting on her lotion. I will say that it was a tad on the pricey side (about $18 for the tube) but, to me, it was worth every penny. The tube actually lasted quite a long time. It's definitely a favorite. And Kiehl's has a whole line of baby products that would make fabulous gifts.

I give the Kiehl's Nurturing Cream for Face and Body:

5 gavels: "Loved it! Can't live without it!" (Okay, I could probably live without it)

Next up is J. Blossom Natural Body Lotion in Strawberry Banana Smoothie. A friend of mine, Jazzmoh, sent me a link to this website because she thought Chatterbox would like the products. And she was right! It was also nice to find a line of products with a cute little African-American girl on the bottle, which is rare. What I love about the J. Blossom line is that it's all about helping every girl feel good on the inside and out. They even put an affirmation right on the bottle: "Short or tall, thick or thin, I love the skin that I am in!" How great is that? Anyway, the products are all natural and feel and smell great. We also had the Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bubblebath and Chatterbox and Giggles loved it so much that it was finished within a week or so. The J. Blossom products are very reasonable - the lotion was $12 for a generously-sized bottle. Oh, I almost forgot that we got a lip balm too. What was I thinking? Lip balm and a toddler? That lasted like 2 days. Anyway, I liked the products so much that I emailed the company and it turns out that it is owned by a fellow Mocha Mom! Small world. These would make fun gifts too. Just keep in mind that they are designed for little "girly-girls" so the smells are very fruity.
I give the J. Blossom Natural Bath & Body Products for Girls:

5 gavels: "Loved it! Can't live without it!"

And finally, on to old reliable: Johnson's Bedtime Lotion. Love this stuff. It's light and smells nice. And it's supposed to have ingredients like lavender and chamomile to help baby sleep better. We use this daily, along with the bubblebath too. And best of all, I think it's only about $5 at your local drugstore. Can't beat that with a stick.

I give the Johnson's Bedtime Lotion:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

I guess this really is LOVE IT! Thursday because I love all three of these lotions.

Oh, I just thought of one more. I have to give Aquaphor an honorable mention because it's gotten me through many a pinch when one of my girls had a scratch or a rash or a bug bite or anything at all.

Now it's your turn! Tell us what skincare products you like to use for your child(ren). Don't forget to link back here and sign the Mr. Linky. Click here for guidelines.
See you next Thursday!


Justice Jones said...

Great information! The babes all suffer from dry skin. And Youngest has very sensitive skin so I'm always looking for some kind of good lotion. I think I'll order some of the J. Blossom for Daughter because I just know she'll love it just for the cute little girl on the bottle.

jazzmoh said...

I'm so glad to hear you tried out J.Blossom after I told you about it. I gave a set to my kid sister and she took a shower immediately after opening the box!

Justice Fergie said...

yes, thanks Jazz!! Chatterbox owes you one :)

Yolanda said...

Those J.Blossom products are just too cute! Thanks for the tips.

ablondeblogger said...

Hey JF! I LOVE your blog design and how cute are the gavel reviews? So nice to meet you through DC Metro Moms!

Justice Ny said...

Thanks Fergie for the tips. I've never heard of the J. Blossom line and I think I want to try it. After a bath (or shower these days), DD let's me smell her for about 30 seconds and then she wiggles away - but, I love those 30 seconds. The scent is absolutely delicious - I just want to eat her up!

I also use Johnson's cocoa and shea butter lotion and bubble bath. That also smells great and is very cheap.

And lastly, Aquaphor does deserve a mention considering that it is great for rashes etc. Jones, you may also want to try a little of this on the kids.

Jamila White - j.blossom said...

Wow, just came across your review. THANK YOU for the love!!

It's been moms like you who have been spreading the word about my j.blossom product line for girls through blogs, e-mail, and word of mouth. I really appreciate your kind words and your support!

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