August 30, 2007

Love It! Thursdays

Hello Mamas! Remember little ol' me? Probably not because I have been a terrible blogger this summer. I've been on summer hiatus but I am back and I have several posts I need to complete. While I'm sure no one will be holding her breath, I've got some funny ones lined up so stay tuned. Until then, there's one post that can't wait and that's this week's LIT.
Ever wish you had an extra hand or two to help you out? While cleaning, shopping, cooking, or anything really? Well, there are several baby wraps or carriers that promise to free your hands while your baby sits, sleeps, or nests comfortably against your warm snugly bosom. And they all promise to be the best. So many options but only a few are worth spending your hard earned pennies on. Seeing as how I've tried about FIVE of them (thanks Babies-r-Us for your great return policy I figured this would be a great topic to write about. If you have one that you absolutely love or hate, make sure to write your review and link back to us!
And so, here are they are:
First, we have the Snugli Front & Back Pack Carrier from Evenflo.

This dad looks happy, doesn't he? Well this carrier makes several promises. First, it promises to offer three "comfortable carrying positions: face-in, face-out and backpack." Ha, don't think so. Face in is the only one I could ever put my baby in and this only worked for maybe the first 8-10 weeks or so. After that, your baby will want to see the world.If you place your baby face out, however, you'll have to use one hand to place on your baby's tummy so that she won't tip forward and, God forbid, fall right out.If you're going to use just one hand, you may as well hold your baby in the "football hold," Hubby's favorite way to carry our babes. I don't know if this problem arises because the straps are too thin, or not but, because of this, I returned this Carrier.

I will say, however, that just based on the above picture, it seems that they have made several improvements. I purchased mine circa 2004. This one looks a bit different so maybe it's worth a shot. This carrier gets:

3 gavels: "It was okay. Maybe if it was on sale..."

Next, up, we have the Ultimate Baby Wrap.
This one I liked, but didn't love. At first, you have to not only read the manual but watch a DVD to figure out how to put the darn thing on. That was pretty annoying. But once I figured how to put it on, I was able to position the baby a number of different ways and I was able to adjust it just how I liked it or needed it, nice and tight or lose and comfortable. The only problem with this one, there's soooooo much fabric. It becomes another shirt for mommy. And all the fabric stretches. I had to keep washing it to shrink it back to it's original size. Eventually, it never bounced back. But I did get some great use out of it.
So this one gets a:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."

Last, we have the Original NoJo Baby Sling by Dr. Sears. People, don't even bother. This one also comes with a video. But unless you are probably really tall and really wide, you will not get this thing to fit you. It was so lose. I had to jimmy it to make it work. Even then, it was never tight enough. But, for some reason I never returned it. And one day with Daughter was about 18 months. I found it, stuck her in there and because she was so big, I was able to make it work. Even still, this was really a one time use for me.
So, the NoJo is a big "No, No" and I give it,

2 gavels: "What was I thinking?"

So, what's your verdict?


Justice Fergie said...

good topic.

i have the ultimate baby wrap too (i think b/c you recommended it to me, Jones!) and it was ok. i have to admit that i only used it a handful of times b/c it was so bulky (too much material) and tricky to figure out. and the dvd instructions were crazy.

i still love the baby bjorn. i had no issues with that one. only that once it was time for the baby to face forward, it got to be too heavy. but i suppose that's not the carrier's fault.

i have one more to add to the list: the Playtex Hip Hammock. this is for carrying toddlers on your hip. i like the idea and it does work pretty well. again, it's just too heavy to carry a toddler around for an extended period of time no matter which way you slice it.

i do miss the days when i could carry the kids in an infant carrier though.

Yolanda said...

I'm definitely plus size on the scale so the nojo always has been and continues to be a favorite. My husband was able to wear both boys in it as well. That being said every skinny mama I know that tried it found it simply impossible to navigate because it's simply way too big unless you have a lot of chest/etc. going on.

My favorite thing about the nojo is I was able to loosen it to discretely nurse in public. As newborns my babies fit in it so well no one could even tell what we were carrying inside (nice for germ protection when you just HAVE to get out somewhere with a little one).

My suggestion would be to find a ring sling made by a private maker who has smaller sizes( has tons of options). Slings were a lifesaver for me with my little ones.

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