August 30, 2007

Is It Just Me?

Or has having children made you hyper-emotional? I definitely noticed a difference during pregnancy, but I figured that with all of the hormone drama involved, becoming weepy or irrational was to be expected. But since having my daughters, I find myself consciously steering clear of anything too sad, too depressing or too scary because I just.can' In fact I rarely watch the news.

Last night I was on the verge of tears while watching the Children of the Storm special in CNN. And this morning I was getting weepy listening to Jay-Z's "Missing You" commemorating the anniversary of Aaliyah's death on the radio.

Getting emotional over seeing the faces of an ongoing human tragedy is one thing. But having your eyes well up while listening to a rap song while sitting in traffic?

I need to get a grip.


Yolanda said...

Oh yes I get impossibly weepy over things that I would have never given a second thought before children!

Justice Ny said...

I've got nothing to add because I've always been super-emotional:(

Shigeta said...

I can go 1 better. She died on my 30th birthday! My husband had taken me into the city for dinner and an overnight hotel stay. Woke up the next morning to the news of the plane crash. Could not believe it. Cried for her mother but most of all for her brother, who I believe she was very close to. I think I was touched so much because she was so young and full of potential...
I cry over movies a lot more than I used to, since I had kids.

Justice Fergie said...

ok shigeta, you win - you are going to make me cry with your comment!

happy belated.

Lawyer Mama said...

I am EXACTLY the same way now! I get all weepy over commercials on TV too. I'm a hormonal wreck and my youngest is 20 months. I've been told it'll be this way for a loooooong time!

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