August 02, 2007

LOVE IT! Thursdays

Good Morning Folks....I'm a little late with my post today, but it's still Thursday:)

Today's LIT theme for the week is: "I absolutely love my _______ Stroller that I wouldn't trade it for the world!"
This theme is in honor of a couple mamas-to-be from school who are presently shopping for strollers. This is/will be one of the biggest one-time costs that you will have for the first two years or so - either because you decide to go all out and buy the super-duper stroller and spend a whole lot of money, or because you will end up buying several strollers because you can't find the right fit.
DD is 20 months and we've had 2 strollers.
First, I bought the Graco SnugRider stroller set/system. It's a full car seat (of your choice) and a frame for the seat to snap into. It was fairly light and not cumbersome at all. There was a great ex-large storage basket below and there were 2 cup holders on top. It was also modestly priced. It folded up fairly flat and it was great for travelling.
However, after using it for a few months and getting out of the house with DD a lot, I realized that the handles were a bit bothersome. In fact, my hands would hurt after pushing her for a few minutes. The handles are not ergonomically designed so with continued use and with increasing weight in the stroller, it became a problem. Also, what I had not considered/did not know when purchasing the system was that DD would basically outgrow it within her first year - both in weight and in her need to see the world (the car seat snaps in backwards, so baby only sees you). So, onto the next.
Our second (and current) stroller was purchased on the recommendation of guru mama, J. Jones. Our Combi stroller is fantastic. This stroller weighs all of 8lbs. I can lift, push and fold it all with one hand. It folds up tight and small and fits into almost any space at all. It's extremely maneuverable as well. It's low to the ground, but not as low as some others on the market - a concern of mine because I didn't want DD sitting almost at foot level. The only down-side to this stroller is that the storage basket at the bottom is so small that it's a tease....about the only thing that can fit into the basket is a small purse. I, however, don't really care too much because the other features far outweigh "my" need for storage below.
I absolutely love my Combi stroller that I wouldn't trade it in for the world!

My verdict:

4 gavels: Liked it. I would definitely recommend it!


Justice Jones said...

Great post! I like the Combi strollers as well and I think for toddlers they are excellent. I don't know about using them for infants though, especially since for an infant you really need more basket space.

JJ said...

wonderful post. I had a Combi and loved it! Problem, it won't last entire toddler hood.

We went through four strollers in 4 years.

We started with the Peg Perego buggy/stroller combo for when our 1st kid was a baby. That got too big and we switched to the combi for its lightweight and all things you mention here. But 4 international trips later, it died an honorable death.

We got the Maclaren Swift which is going strong still.

The other was a Inglesina double stroller when our second kid came around and that was great, but died too this year.

Anonymous said...

I need a new Graco infant seat (Snug Ride) since my 6 year old Graco Snugride is expired. However, the Graco stroller that came with my old car seat is still in great condition.

Will the new Graco Snugride's snap into my old Graco Quattro Tour stroller?

I know there are Snug Ride Classics, Snug Ride 30, Snug Ride 32, and Snug Ride 35.

I'll probably have to bring my stroller to Target or Babies R Us and actually try the model in my stroller. If we find nothing, we will buy a Graco Fastaction Fold Click Connect strolle combo.

Just wondered if anyone knew?

AshikurAB said...


I use a Graco's Aire3 Click Connect Stroller. I use this because of it's Easy Fold, Comfortable Ride, Extra Coverage, and Strolling Security.

BTW, thanks for your article. This is really great.


Richard said...

Nice and informative article. This article helps me. Keep doing this.

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