July 03, 2007

Roller coaster ride

I've been on a roller coaster ride ever since my last post and that's why I've been M.I.A.

I shared with you in my last post that my nanny quit - right! Despite my husband's wishes, I asked her to stay another week to buy us some time to figure out our situation. Despite his wishes, I also asked her to stay on with us. Notwithstanding my pleas, she still left. I'm still not absolutely sure what the real problem is/was but it is what it is (although I believe that there is something in her past that she was not divulging that made her so paralyzed with fear that DD would get hurt). Anyway, her last day was Friday.

On Wednesday, I interviewed an older lady that was great. She was a bit older, but she seemed full of energy and spunk. She was scheduled to start yesterday (Monday). Saturday morning I get a call from her informing me that she had just injured herself and would not be able to start on Monday, but that she would send her niece to fill in. I'm a little assured, but still weary about what that meant for us. Her niece meets with us - we could not communicate at all. She didn't speak much English and there is no way that we would feel comfortable leaving DD with someone who was unable to communicate with us.

So, it's Saturday morning and we have no care for DD for Monday morning. We're frantic, but keeping it under control (I was pretty proud of myself, I must add). We finally arrange for a friend's mom to come in yesterday and today - but that plan isn't finalized until Sunday afternoon around 5:00 p.m.

So, I am frantically calling the rest of my 356 child development centers in DC, as well as responding to nanny ads all day yesterday. Finally, I find one center that's nearby and that has an opening, but I can't get an appointment to take a tour etc. until next Wednesday. Pray that this place is not in the basement of a building, where the teachers don't talk to the kids, or where I would be fearing for DD's safety. I'm praying that this works out because my goodness, it's really been very difficult to find child care.

I wish I knew to add her name to wait lists when I was pregnant; and I wish I was more diligent thereafter in heeding my friends' advice to start looking into schools, daycare when she was still at home with me. It's been a tough lesson learned/learning. But it sure has been an up and down ride. I'll let you know how this works out.


Justice Fergie said...

sorry to hear about your childcare struggles. you know that I completely understand how you feel! remember - if worst comes to worst, you can always bring Day over to our house until things are straightened out (if you're up to making the trek).

yes, you should have "heeded your friends' advice" (wink wink) but don't beat yourself up about it. being a mom means that you learn as you go along. everything will work out - in fact, isn't that what you told me when I was panicking 3 weeks ago??

Anonymous said...

Sending good thoughts your way, chickie! And you know I'd be your nanny if I was closer! MY kids would LOVE that!

Keep us posted.

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