July 19, 2007

Love It! Thursdays

Drum roll pleasssssseeeeeeeeee....... Okay, the very first LOVE IT! Thursday.

The theme for our opening week is: “I love _______ so much that I always used it when my baby would not sleep.

My favorite item that helped make my babies sleep was a plain and simple swaddle blanket. Don't be fooled by some of those other blankets with the snaps, Velcros, or ties. I'm talking about a plain old square blanket that comes in a pack of three and commonly referred to as the receiving blanket. Better yet, the blanket you got at the hospital with the pink and blue stripe around the edge with the name of your hospital on it. Those are the absolute BEST swaddling blankets.
Unfortunately, I didn't know how to swaddle correctly for Oldest but I understood the concept and was able to manipulate a blanket in some kind of way where it was snug and tight and he could barely move. He loved it. Not only did it help him sleep better as a newborn, but it also kept him happy during his awake times. So when Daughter was born, I was the pro. I had her NICU nurses show me how to swaddle and I perfected it before we left the hospital. It's really not that hard. It worked great for Little B too.
The history is actually pretty interesting. In ancient times, it was thought that swaddling was essential for proper posture. Today, we swaddle babies to calm them and also help them sleep better. The reason why it works is because it simulates the warmth and security of the womb. So, if you are having trouble getting your new born to calm down or sleep long enough for you to take a quick shower, try swaddling your baby in the blanket the hospital gave you. And a word of caution, don't use the big thick fluffy one with satin on one side and velvet on the other with your baby's initials monogramed along the edge that you recieved at your shower. You may make baby too warm and that could increase your chance of SIDS. Use a thin receiving blanket.

So Mamas, the verdict is in and I give the swaddle blanket...

5 gavels: "Loved it! Can't live without it!"

What's your favorite sleep item for baby?


Justice Ny said...

Not for he!! could I swaddle correctly. I tried and it just never worked out for me. Maybe that's why I'm still struggling with sleep issues and DD is 19 months:)

P.S. There is no way that I could have posted on this theme because I still don't have the sleep thing down.

P.S.S. Yeah Mamas!!!!! Our first LIT posting. I've been waiting for this for a while because we sure have a lot of tips/products to review.

Elizabeth said...

Even better than the receiving blankets - I got some 45" clearance lightweight cotton (same weight you'd use for sheets) and hemmed it square. The receiving blankets were too warm in the summertime, and the baby was getting too big to be swaddled in them, but my "swaddle sheet" worked great, and is still one of her favorite blankets at age 3.

Justice Fergie said...

Great recommendation Jones. I loved swaddling my girls - it was sad when they got too big to be properly bundled up!

Good idea Elizabeth. Actually, Justice Jones made me some wonderful receiving blankets when I had Chatterbox. They were soft and lightweight. I used them when Giggles was born and I still have them!

Justice Jones said...

Yep, I sure did make some blankets for J. Fergie. This was when I was going through my creative sewing phase. It was a short one b/c I didn't make any for second or youngest or for anyone else.
One day I'll dust off the sewing machine and finish all my projects :)

3XMom said...

bouncy chair. Love that thing. All three kids loved it. Could lull them to sleep through anything.

My youngest (now just about 1) still loves his receiving blankets. We don't swaddle anymore, but he loves to cuddle with them. He is like a little Linus.

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