June 27, 2007

My Playroom or Yours?

At the wedding I coordinated over the weekend, the best man was hitting on me the entire time. At first it was flattering. Then it quickly became annoying. But here's the joke: after the wedding was over, he offered to walk me to my car to make sure I got in safely since it was about midnight. Once we reached my car, he took one look at the two toddler car seats in my backseat and his eyes nearly jumped out of his head and he sputtered "You have twins!!??" The poor guy almost had a heart attack. I nearly died laughing.

Do you think the double car seat action caused my desirability rating to plummet? I can't imagine why.

Ever since Saturday, each time I get into my car and glance in the back, I have a little chuckle.

1 comment:

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I LOVE IT! That's too funny!

You and the other lovely Justices should stop by my place today, I've got something for you!

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