May 02, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Birthday Edition

The theme for this week's WFMW is Birthdays!

I have a love affair with special occasions. I love birthdays. I love parties. I love planning them. I love making people enjoy themselves. And I love that now with two little ones I have years of party planning ahead of me! I collect all sorts of ideas and themes in anticipation of their special days. Here is one that worked splendidly for Oldest's 1st birthday party:

Cereal "Necklaces"
All I did was take a spool of twine, cut the twine into pieces long enough to make a very very loose "necklace" and thread them (ok, I had my sister thread them) with Fruit Loops. Each child was given one of these "necklaces" during the party and they were a hit. They had just as much fun wearing them as munching on them. And they kept the kids occupied for a mighty long time. I even made the Birthday Girl's "necklace" all pink by using only the pink Fruit Loops. They're easy, affordable and fun. Give it a try...It worked for me!

Visit Rocks In My Dryer for tons more tips on how to make birthdays even more special.


Justice Jones said...

This is a great idea. I'll have to incorporate that into Daughter's three year old party. Thanks!

Clemntine said...

This is one of the most useful WFMW's ever, and your idea would be a HIT at my younger kids' parties!!

BTW, I caught your comment on BooMama's Purse Meme post, and I had to come over and give a shout out to another Dr.Pepper Bonnie Bell girl!! WE ROCK!

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