May 04, 2007

Bag Lady

Have y'all seen the little hangbag meme that's been going around? The curious cat in me has been enjoying checking out everyone's purses. Now it's your turn! Lucky You. My good ol' bloggy buddy Beth F. tagged me to share the contents of mine, so here goes...

This is the purse I'm currently carrying around. I really consider it a fall/winter purse but since the weather's been so yucky and it's taken spring a ridiculously long time to get here, I haven't bothered switching it yet. Hubby gave me this purse for Mother's Day 2005. Ain't he sweet?

Here's what it looks like from the top.

Here's my wallet. A Christmas gift from my Mama. Notice how it doesn't snap shut because it's overflowing with old receipts and used up gift cards.

This is my makeup case. A souvenir that my Croatian stepmother who used to live in Indonesia brought back from her trip to Italy with my Dad. Got that?

[Ok, i promise I never noticed that I haven't actually purchased any of these things myself until now!]

My lip stuff. I love lip stuff. I'm forever in search of the perfect lip balm. Neutrogena's has come close, but I'm still searching. [My MAC lip pencil looks like it has seen better days, yes?] Oh and the Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick? I carry that for imminent dry lip emergencies. What do you want, I was a Girl Scout.

My hand stuff. I am also in search of the perfect hand lotion. I've actually found it: It's Crabtree & Evelyn Gardener's Hand Therapy. It's liquid gold. And it's in my car.

Three emery boards?

My checkbook, trusty pen and postcard from my new dentist. You can't really see it too well from the picture, but the postcard says "Total Relaxation Dentistry." An oxymoron if I ever heard one. Did I tell you he's suggesting I get BRACES (to "make my already beautiful smile completely perfect" mmmhmm)? I'm going to be 30 for Pete's sake.

Ah yes, my phone equipment. No, I'm not a special agent. I'm just lazy busy. See the sleek and swanky red phone on the left? That's my new Fire RAZR that I got (for free!), oh 4 weeks ago, and have yet to transfer the numbers from my old phone to my new one. And so I carry around the old phone for "when I have some spare time." And the earpiece is for the car. And for my old phone since I can only use fancy-dancy Bluetooth with my new one. Sheesh.

And last, but not least the snacks. I'm actually a tad surprised because I usually have more. A Dole fruit cup. A beat-up packet of Stride gum. [And I agree with BooMama that the name is a tad icky]. And of course the fruit snacks. And yes, the packet is empty.

So that's it! Well, I cheated you out of seeing the photos of my Tylenol stash and my work id badge. I couldn't very well have you showing up at my job with hate fan mail, could I?

My turn! I hereby tag J. Jones, J. Ny (wishful thinking), Tanyetta, Tracey R., Mommy Dearest, and Mrs. Schmitty, and anyone else who wants to participate. Spill it, sisters!


Anonymous said...

Oh mean I have to share how non-girlie and lame I am with the internet world? I see all these lotions and lip stuff in all these purses, and I'm afraid mine is completely boring (and rather barren considering the 3 kids)

However, just for you, I will do this when I get home tonight and can take pics! :)

Justice Jones said...

I'll do it, give me a few days.

Justice Ny said...

I'll join in but I need a couple of days to take the pics - I'm not even going to clean my purse out; so you'll see it in all its glory!

BooMama said...


Second of all, please have your husband contact my husband re: Mother's Day gift ideas.

Third: we need to contact the people at Wrigley's about the name STRIDE. It's wrong. All wrong. But delicious. Which helps me look past the whole bad name snafu.

Mommy Dearest said...

I'm on it. My purse is busting at the seams since we just returned from vacation. This should be interesting ...

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