April 18, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: Neat Sheet!

Do any of you have a Neat Sheet? I got one about 2 years ago during an impulse buying spree in the "Sucker" "Seasonal" aisle at our local CVS. [Those aisles will be the death of me] Now that we had a baby, it just seemed like something we could use. And it reminded me of the ground sheet that I used to use all the time camping as a kid in Brownies, Girl Guides, etc. Oh and it was pink. So I bought it. And let me tell you it was worth every penny of the 7 bucks that I dished out for it. We use it all the time! There are tons of uses for it -- check out the website for 101 uses, but so far we have used it as a carpet/tile cover when we're doing crafts; as a ground cover on our deck so that Youngest doesn't get splinters in her hands while crawling around; as a place for the kids to eat their snack while in the family room; as a picnic blanket; as a beach blanket -- just to name a few. We have the standard Neat Sheet and it's a generous size. They also have a family size one too. And there are small flat weights inside each corner so that the sheet doesn't blow away (since it is so lightweight). And it's machine washable.

Works for me!!

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

I need to go grab one of these!


Sarah said...

We have one of these, too. Ya gotta love the weights!

GiBee said...

I've had one for eons of years, but I've never used it... [insert quiet gasps]

It's still in it's packaging.

I'm going to have to take it out this summer and use it!

Can you email me so I can have your email address? I wanted to respond to one of your comments! Thanks!

Amy said...

I never realized they were machine washable! Thanks!

JeniBeans said...

Well, I have the perfect use for one right now...we have ripped out the carpet in one level of our house and our dining room floor is stripped down to the bare hardwood with no finish. I almost have a heart attack every time one of my 4 kids drops or spills something on it! Looks like this would be a GREAT investment until the floors get finished! Thanks for posting about it!

Susan said...

What a great idea. Sounds like this could be a good shower gift for someone with everything.

I've really enjoyed browsing your site this am.

Justice Ny said...

Never heard of this before. I will surely invest in it. Great find Fergie!

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