April 19, 2007

Keepin' It Real

Is it Friday yet?

I was visiting DeeDee at "It Coulda' Been Worse" and saw that she tagged everyone with the following meme, which I thought was cute. So here are my thoughts on what it takes to be a Real Mom:

  1. A Real Mom can pick her child's cry out of a crowd in the even the noisiest of places.

  2. A Real Mom will eat leftover scraps from the refrigerator so that her kids can have the last of the casserole.

  3. A Real Mom will endure her toddler bouncing up and down on her bad back for 15 minutes, just so she can play "pony."

  4. A Real Mom will read "Mr. Brown Can Moo" eleven times before bedtime. And not [intentionally] skip any pages.

  5. A Real Mom will never get tired of kissing her child's cheeks. And forehead. And hands. And feet. Repeatedly.

  6. A Real Mom will let her kids have chocolate Easter eggs for breakfast. Just once.

  7. A Real Mom will understand, and not roll her eyes, when another mom's child throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the grocery store.

  8. A Real Mom will wear jeans and t-shirts everyday if that meant her kids could have cute outfits.

  9. A Real Mom can't wait for some "alone" time and once she has it, she can't wait to get back to her kids.

  10. A Real Mom can't watch the news everyday because her heart hurts for all the tragedy in the world. Especially those involving children.

  11. A Real Mom never sleeps the same after she has her first baby. She's always listening.

  12. A Real Mom can carry a baby, a diaper bag, a purse, the mail and groceries while talking on the phone.

  13. A Real Mom feels guilty when she keeps!forgetting!to!clip!her!child's!nails!

  14. A Real Mom knows exactly what "3 ounces" looks like.

  15. And finally...A Real Mom gives thanks to God for her children. Every. Single. Day.

Leave me a comment to tell me which ones I missed!


The NON-Superwoman said...

So cute.......and so true! I was nodding my head to them all.

Justice Jones said...

Yes!! I let them eat skittles on Easter morning. And I always forget the toe nails, those darn toe nails! And I was the real mom at Carrabbas tonight trying to calm both screaming children, at the same time, while enjoying my Salmon Mustardo, despite the fact that I was getting angry looks from people who have no clue. When I finally completed my meal, I picked both babies up, walked out with one on each hip, and acted as if the whole place was not looking at me.

Oldest however, was trying to hide under the table since "everyone [kept] staring at us."

Justice Fergie said...

lol! i can just picture you guys. good for you for walking out with your head held high! Real Moms gotta eat too :)

Sarah said...

So true! Especially the one about watching the news. My heart literally breaks when there is a sad story involving a child. I can't watch cause if I did I would adopt every child sent to protective services, and we just don't have the room. :)

Military Mommy said...

I love the nails one. :) My daughter's nails were so long last week I could've given her a really good french manicure. *blush*

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I bookmarked yours and will be back - super cute and I love the writing!

Love, Michelle

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