April 23, 2007

This is Interesting

Check out this blog. Any advice? I'm guessing some of us have been there at some point. Hopefully not this bad.


Justice Fergie said...

Phew! Poor thing. Yes, I think we can all relate to at least one of her gripes. It sounds like she is definitely going to implode if something doesn't change soon. Some of the comments gave really good advice, so the only thing I would emphasize is that if she can't talk to her husband about it (which sucks) then she at least needs to talk to a therapist. Insurance will often cover at least part if it. There are multiple issues that she's dealing with, each worthy of a counseling session of its own! And she definitely needs to hold off on the second baby. The situation will only be compunded with another pregnancy and little person to take care of. Having kids is a strain on the healthiest of marriages so I can only imagine how it would affect hers.

As for the sex thing? I'm the WRONG person to ask. I know a lot of people are of the school that says "give it to your husband whenever he wants it" but oooweee is that hard for me. In fact, my husband's aunt actually told me that I needed to do that because "if he didn't get it from [me], he would get from somebody else." Hmph. Yeah, I'm working on that.

The migraines a certainly a huge problem too. I know I'm crabby if I have a regular headache - so imagine someone who has a constant terrible one...it's gotta be making him cranky, hindering his sleep, etc.

Basically, she got a lot going on and needs to work it out. I can't imagine not being able to tell my husband how I am feeling. He's my number one confidant! Even when he's the problem ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really feel sorry for her. And as for the "give it to him when he wants it" mentality, I'm here to say, "you get it when I'm coherent" school. My idea of foreplay is doing the laundry and changing some blow-out diapers-shoot! :) And if he ever "got it" from someone else, he would be sooo broke from child support and alimony payments that he would be living in an efficiency behind the Target! :) I love my hubby!
Auntie Fe

Justice Jones said...

I think her husband sounds like a jerk (and I agree it may not be his fault) and I think she needs help to deal with her anger because it can not be healthy for her. On the sex thing, I agree she should be giving him some, but I disagree on his approach.

The idea behind the blog is really interesting.

jazzmoh said...

That blog scared me! If that's the drama I gotta deal with that comes with the Tiffany Ring, then I dont want no part of it.

But if I was in that chick's shoes, I DARE my man to go try and get it from somebody else! Tyler Perry's "pan of hot grits" scene comes to mind.

Justice Fergie said...

Fe and Jazzy - y'all are off the chain!

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