April 06, 2007

Scene and Heard

  • Scene: Hubby wraps up a phone interview for a new job that he thinks went well. The interviewer tells hubby to call him in a couple of weeks if hubby doesn't hear from him first.

  • Quote: [Hubby] "If I gotta call you, I ain't calling you!!"

[He didn't actually say that to them of course. But, if you know my hubby, you know why I had to clarify that :)]

  • Scene: Hubby is on the computer working on a web project for a client. Is frustrated because of some technical error but soon discovers the problem.

  • Quotes:

[Hubby] "AHA! It's the Javascript!"
[Oldest, while throwing up her hands] "It's JabbaJibbs, Daddy!!"

My mini-computer nerd in the making.

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