April 13, 2007

All Hail the Queen...

[Congrats Jones! You wrote our 200th post!]

So last night Oldest starts complaining that her hand hurts. As far as hubby and I can tell, she may have hurt it only slightly -- doing whatever it is that toddlers do -- but let me tell you that she is milking this "injury" for all its worth. Of course if we thought for a second that she seriously hurt her hand we would have taken her to the ER right away, but we are 99.9% sure that she is faking. And oh the dramatics. I think she figured out that she would get a lot of attention with a hurt hand. Last night we let her crawl into our bed and "rest" her hand on a pillow while watching tv with mom. Then she "fake cried" when we put her in her bed to go to sleep and was clutching her wrist. And lo and behold, this morning after drinking her milk, she "remembered" that her hand hurt. And so it began. Hubby was quite the patient dad, taking his sweet time getting her dressed and doing "exercises" to test the mobility of her little hand. He quickly realized that this was all a ruse but played along nonetheless.

And this is how we sent our little patient to school today:

She is tickled pink at the wrist wrap, let me tell you.

According to reports from her daycare teacher, she is eating, playing and terrorizing just fine and has not mentioned her hand once. But I'll bet you $20 that the "injury" will "flare up" once Dad goes to pick her up.

Ah, my daughter the Drama Queen. I can't imagine where she gets it from.


Justice Ny said...

She is too much!

Big Mama said...

As a fellow mama of a drama queen, I can so appreciate the wrist wrap. Just about anything can have us crying for a Band-aid at our house.

jazzmoh said...

She's a true LEO! :)

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