April 11, 2007


What a week! Actually, what a past few weeks! The end of the semester is approaching, I have midterm papers that I'm still grading. My students are doing their oral arguments and home stuff has been keeping me really busy. My shoulders are really wound up, my hair is a ragged mess. Speaking of my hair, I decided last week to do something different. So I had it dyed "dark brown." Hello, it's jet black. At first I was not sure if I loved it or hated it. But it was a thin line. I've decided I hate it. To make matters worse, my hair dresser works only Wednesday- Saturday. My only available day is Thursday this week and I have a real hair emergency. This Friday we are taking a small family vacation to Miami to visit my family for a big celebration for my grandparents who are celebrating 65 years of marriage (amazing!). My Grandfather is 96 years old. He is a cancer survivor and suffered a stroke about 10 years ago. Yet he is very active, very alert and loves to dance still. We learned about two months ago that his cancer has returned. Considering his age, and the fact that the mass is very small, the doctors have recommended that we do not pursue any sort of aggressive intervention. In either event, they estimate he's got a few years ahead of him.

My family has taken a very positive attitude about the entire situation. The man is 96. He has lived a great life. He has traveled the world, he has 8 children, 22 grandchildren, and at last count, 15 great-grandkids (there's probably almost twenty actually). Amazing. We are going to celebrate him this weekend. He has no idea. I have a very large family (if that's not already clear) and most of us will be there this weekend. Should be tons of fun and it's been years since I have seen some of my cousins. Can't wait!

Between now and Friday morning I've got to pack for myself and the three kids. Get hubby "started" on his packing because clearly, I have the time to pack for FIVE people. Fix my hair (can't go to a family reunion looking like a vampire), do laundry so that I have stuff to pack, and oh yeah, grade some of these papers so they are not hanging over my head the whole weekend. Piece of cake.

Last but not least, yesterday I arrived to work to find this beautiful arrangement in my office. I thought it was from one my stalker students (don't ask) and was actually very frightened. It wasn't my birthday, it wasn't our anniversary, it was just a Tuesday. My heart actually stopped. But then I read the card and it was from Hubby! Wishing me good luck at my oral argument rounds. Talk about sweet. I have attorneys from my old firm acting as judges for the arguments and I really want my students to impress the attorneys. You know, kind of like how you want your children to make you proud? I feel the same way about my students. Anyhow, I was so thrilled about the flowers. We really have made great strides in our marriage. It took us about 5 years, but hey, I'll take five years for a lifetime of happiness with the person I love.

Have a great week everyone!


Mrs. Schmitty said...

Beautiful flowers! How sweet of hubby!

Justice Fergie said...

how incredibly sweet of hubby!! please tell me what "strides" you took to get him here. I need to implement. ASAP. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but very happy for him at the same time! it seems that he is enjoying life and what a wonderful surprise he will get this weekend. Matter of fact, please find out what "strides" your grandma has implemented to get to 65 years. We need to implement. ASAP.

Good luck with the hair,packing, grading, etc. I know you -- you'll get it all done with time to spare. Are you guys driving down?

Hey! Why haven't I gotten a pix message of your vampire look to my phone? Hurry it up please.

Have fun!!!!!!!!

Justice Jones said...

I'm not sure we took the best way to get to this point, but I will say I have learned a lot about myself and what role I have in making the best of a relationship. Oh yeah, and some good couple's counseling never hurt anyone.
As for my Granmps, they I'm not sure what they did, but I do know that my Grandma is very fiesty and my Gramps knows how to have a good sense of humor about everything. And they both love to dance. Dancing is good for the soul.

And the vampire look is gone. Hello honey brown and blond highlights over "dark brown." It looks much better. Good bye shine. Hello broken hair. Oh well, what can you do.

Justice Ny said...

I am so pleased to see your flowers. I feel you on the "strides" that you must take. I know about some of your trials and I understand that sometimes one must undergo those trials in order to have triumphs. You give me lots of hope for my marriage. I have seen great grwoth in my husband over the years and I look forward to our life because he (and us) can only get better. So, go Joneses....you are setting a great example for those of us.

Now, onto your grandparents...65 years of marriage. I can't even imagine. That's a lifetime, plus. But how cute are they? It's great that he's doing well. Have fun this weekend. I'm sure you'll make it all happen:)

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