March 01, 2007

Turning 30!

Thirteen GREAT Things about Turning Thirty

Good bye 20s, hello 30s! In honor of my 30th birthday, here are 13 things that make me happy about being thirty.

1. Saying I'm 30 something sounds sophisticated.
2. I have an excuse to celebrate it big for the next 12 months. Every big trip, purchase or whatever, will all be in honor of my big birthday. After all, this is a big milestone. :))
3. Thirties are the new 20s so the next ten years should be lots of fun.
4. I've accomplished more than I would have imagined and I am only 30, go me!
5. A lot of my friends turn 30 this year so even more reasons to celebrate.
6. This weekend should be lots of fun since there are some big surprises planned by hubby.
7. I am going to Vegas next week to celebrate and that's all because I'm turning 30.
8. The look of shock on most people will be nice since most people think I'm 21 (if that).
9. I'm a real grown up now, if I wasn't before.
10. Hubby turns 30 as well this year and I'm looking forward to doing something nice for him.
11. This is the year I get into shape and I can't wait to have a fab body at 30.
12. I already like saying I'm thirty so now when I say it I'll be telling the truth (at least for the next 9 years).
13. Last but not least, I am older, wiser and I won't make the same mistakes I made in my 20s while I'm 30.
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Jen said...

happy birthday!

Justice Fergie said...

What a great 13! Happy Birthday my friend :-)

Can't wait for my turn!!

Revka said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous year. I will turn 30 in September.

tAnYeTTa said...

happpppppyyyyyy birthday 30 is a great year! enjoy it.

Justice Jones said...

Thank you!! Thirty is awesome! I love being 30.

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