March 08, 2007

Not Quite The Louvre...

This week has been "Arts & Crafts Week" in the Fergie Household. Oldest is in love with doing "crafts" and so several times this week we've been "getting our artist on" in the evenings when I get home from work. [Really I just think she can't stand not being able to dig in my scrapbooking box and pull out the goodies] Thought I'd show off our a few of our masterpieces...

"Sparkly Spectacular"
(Ignore the red strip -- had to block out her name)

"Multimedia Mania"
(Yes, those are pasta shells!)

"Sweets for Sale"
(Oldest's Candy Store)

What kinds of activities do you do to encourage your kids to be quiet creative?


Justice Ny said...

I love them. You are so creative in keeping DD occupied. Exercises like this one will encourage the creativity in her. Love it, love it, love it!

Jen said...

So cute..I'm sure you will treasure these forever (and the time spent creating them too).

Justice Jones said...

What a budding artist! Neat ideas.

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