March 09, 2007

It's Bloggity Book Club Day!

Robin and BooMama had the genius idea of starting a Bloggity Book Club. The first selection was "Get Out of That Pit: Straight Talk About God's Deliverance" by Beth Moore.

This was my first Beth Moore book and I was curious to see what it was like since she has so many fans. And...I liked it. Well, let me first say that I haven't actually finished reading the entire book -- you know how it is -- but I fully plan to. The book is a down-to-earth, easy-to-read, practical guide to identifying whether you're stuck in a pit (and there all kinds) and it gives you the steps to get out. Imagine that! For only $13.85 you can get "un-stuck." Now that's a bargain if I ever saw one :-)

So, just in case you might not think you're in a pit, according to the book, you know you're in a pit when...
  • You feel stuck
  • You can't stand up (figuratively)
  • You've lost vision

Before I started reading the book, I already had a sneaking suspicion that I might be in a pit of sorts. But, when I got to Chapter 2: "When You're Thrown Into a Pit," I started to think that this book wasn't for me because I didn't have anything especially horrific or traumatic happen to me to throw me into a pit. And then, I started feeling guilty, like "Fergie, you're not really in a pit. Listen to what some other people are going through. You just need to stop complaining. In fact, you are blessed!" Then, came Chapter 3: "When You Slip Into a Pit," and right then and there, I knew that Beth was talking to me. This chapter shows you how you can just slip into a pit -- this happens when we put ourselves into a pit even though we didn't mean to.

The book is filled with lots of poignant points (and I'm only halfway through) But I'd thought I'd share some of my favorites thus far so that you'd get a feel for Beth's writing style and her words of wisdom:

  • "No matter where we go, a pit can always fit...The scenery around us may have changed, but we're still living in that same old pit. We start scrambling to figure out how we're going to dump an unpleasant person or position when the real solution may be to dump that pit we dragged in."

  • "...when Satan bartends, he prefers to serve mixed drinks. You know what I mean. Cocktails of troubles. Take them one at a time and you can keep walking straight. Mixed all together, they can send you reeling."

  • "Among other things, I had to admit my limitations and give up something I dearly love. I had to relinquish a class I taught for 22 years. I'd still like to be bitter about it, but I'm too scared of God. He's trying to help me out, and if I don't let Him, I'm liable to work myself into an early grave."

And, most importantly,

  • "You can get out...But here's the catch: you can't get yourself out."

I'm looking forward to fininshing the book and to trying Beth's "3-Steps Out of Your Pit." I must say that this probably isn't a book that I would have picked up and read on my own, but I'm glad that I did. All in all, an easy read, an entertaining read and an enlightening read.

To see what others reactions to the book were, visit Robin's Little Bits of Life for more reviews!


Dana said...

You can get out - but you can't do it on your own - I loved that from her. We are all helpless without Jesus! Thanks for sharing, I saw some pits I slipped right into through this journey too. Its not real easy to see or admit.

Corinne said...

This was my first exposure to Beth Moore, too. Like you, I didn't think this book would apply to me but was shocked and humbled to find out it did! You did a great job of summarizing the key points.

Robin said...

I am really glad that you guys chose to read with us even if you had never read a Beth book.

I think we are all in a pit at some point, if not most points, in our lives. I think that's part of the ebb and flow of being human. Not wanting to stay in a pit and knowing who the only one is that can get you out is the key!(Or so Beth says. =))

Hope you enjoy the remainder of the book!

Deb said...

It is so true... those mixed drinks are killers! We don't even taste the vodka when it is mix with cranberry juice!

Justice Ny said...

I am glad that you are reading this book (of course, I can't seem to find the time to pick up a magazine, much less a book); I hope it helps. One thing is for sure....she is correct when she wrote that you can't do it by yourself:)

jewlsntexas said...

Don't stop only halfway - it gets better! :) It would be "the pits" if you didn't read to the end! (hee hee!)
And BTW - you can get free for $12.95 if you shop at Sam's club. (I am sure that is sacrelig on some level - I am only teasing!)

Girl Gone Wild said...

You know you're right. Too many times we read things for ourselves, but there's nothing wrong with reading to understand others. Great thought!

Andrea said...

Keep gets EVEN better! My first "Beth" book too and I'm lovin' it. :)

Deena said...

It made me think long and hard about the messiah complex I tend to have...I try to pull the ones I love out of their pits...when I should be on my knees praying for their Deliverer to come...forgive me, Lord!

Susie said...

I loved the quotes you picked out to share. Those were great and it makes me want to read it all a second time. Actually, this book is going to probably have to come off the shelf quite a bit for me. Thanks for sharing with us. The last chapter on deliverance was my favorite!

BooMama said...

Girl...#3 just about did me in, too.

And I loved what you said about getting out "for only $13.85" - that IS a bargain, isn't it? :-)

Hope you have a great weekend - thanks for playing along with our little BBC!

TaunaLen said...

Just stopping by to 'discuss' the book club book. I enjoyed reading your notes. The part about Satan serving mixed drinks really hit me, too. Here's to heading up and out, hanging on to God's robe!


Justice Fergie said...

Did y'all SEE that??? BooMama visited and left a comment on MY blog. Why, I'm just tickled pink Internets ;)

Lea said...

Well written article.

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