March 28, 2007

Emmy Awards, Here She Comes

So, I've been keeping up with Risa's struggles as she has been trying to get her book, Notes From the Underbelly, made into a tv show. It's something that's been in the works for a while now but you know how those pesky Hollywood folks can be. [Ok, neither do I but I imagine they're impossible!] Over the weekend I was watching tv, and wouldn't you know it? I saw a preview for her show! The pilot is finally going to air on April 11th on ABC. Yay Risa!! [When the preview came on I shouted to my husband: "Hey! I 'know' her! I read her blog!" He was unmoved.] Anyway, make sure to congratulate her about the show on her blog and don't forget to watch - it's a show us moms can enjoy.

The series will chronicle the life of Andrew and Lauren, a couple who are expecting their first child and the unlikely help and advice of their family and friends who also want to share in the couples' joy and other hilarious pains on the road to parenthood.

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Anonymous said...

HEY!! I just saw the commercial for this series!!!! That's TOO funny!!!!I'll definitely tune in!
Auntie Fe

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