February 17, 2007


This evening as I was playing, "Don't Break the Ice" with my five year old he says, "Baby Dannylynn." I'm certain I misunderstood him so I say, "what?" And he says it again, "Baby Dannylynn." So amazed, I ask who she is and he's tells me, "She's the baby they keep talking about on the news." So of course I ask him why and he says he doesn't know. So I start to think and I say, "did you hear them talking about Iraq on the news?" and he says, "what rock?"


Diane said...

That's a really sad comment on our culture. And we wonder why so many young girls can't tell you who the vice president is, but can tell you every detail of Brittany Spears life! Very sad!

Revka said...

That name sure is everywhere. It's interesting that your childr really picked up on it.

Justice Fergie said...

makes you realize that your kids are listening to everything. i guess the important thing is to sit down with them every once in a while to make sure that they understand what they are hearing so as not to be afraid, confused, etc.

Oh the joys!

Justice Jones said...

Diane- you are so right. It seems that the fact that we have soldiers dying every day is less important than who is the father of a baby who's mother was addicted to more than 6 kinds of prescription drugs. Sad.

Revka & J. Ferg.- It's really amazing how much these kids soak up. Even my two year old now says words we didn't even know she totally understood or knew how to say. For example, yesterday she yelled at her daddy, "Come on, Daddy, HURRY UP!"

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