February 25, 2007


Clearly it's not in the cards for me to have smooth, freshly-shaven legs. Sorry hon!

After having not shaved for almost two weeks (close your mouth), I finally decided that gosh-darn-it, I was gonna make time today, rain or shine. I really didn't think I needed to account for snow too. It is almost March after all. But alas, we were hit with a freak snowstorm that brought so much snow that it weighed down the power lines. Suffice it to say that by the time I finally got in the shower after a full day of cleaning, cooking, folding laundry and playing dinosaurs, it was 5:30pm. And then. The power went out. While I was in the shower. I kid you not, my friends.

You can't fight destiny really.

Anyone want a valuepack of "previously-owned" cans of Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel? I'll even throw in a delightful assortment of mis-matched puzzle pieces for good measure. Okay, how about this? I'll keep the shave gel if you give me tips on when you find the time to shave your legs. And how you keep all the puzzle pieces together.

[So far NerdMom is winning].


Justice Ny said...

Unfortunately we're in the same boat. So, I've finally decided that the only time that I'm going to get it done is in the shower in the morning, especially after I've selected a skirt to wear to work....because then I have no excuses. So, even if it's a crappy job and there are streaks of hair everywhere....it's done.

Justice Jones said...

This is funny. I try to avoid skirts for this very reason. Luckily, the hair on my legs are really fine and hard to see unless you are all up in my BI. But, I either need to shave soon or go to the cleaners. We'll see~!

Jen said...

What?!! You can't shave in the dark?

This is definitely one perk of winter. I love being able to skip shaving. During the summer it is everyday--its a real pain!

tAnYeTTa said...

what?????????we're supposed to shave our legs? geez! i have so much to learn :)

~yolanda said...

I keep a razor in my shower caddy. I just use whatever body wash I'm using that day. If you shave often it only takes an extra couple of seconds.

In the warms months I shave at least every other day. I can shave my legs, bikini line and underarms in a matter of seconds because if you do it often there is really no hair to shave.

Often is the key.

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