February 13, 2007

*Updated* Menu Plan ...Er... Tuesday

I know I'm way late for Menu Plan Monday but humor me if you would. I've been participating in MPM for the past several weeks and since I hadn't planned this week's meals ahead of time, and I didn't make it home in time for dinner, last night was a classic case of "Sanity, Interrupted."

I won't even bore you with the details of how a major water main broke on a major highway and so it took me TWO HOURS to get home last night. No lie. And yes, Youngest was fast asleep by the time I got home. Oh and I'll spare you the details of how after TWO HOURS of sitting in traffic I mercifully reached a gas station (my gas light was below "E") and as I was removing the pump from my gas tank, the pump malfunctioned and my boots and skirt were drenched with gas. Nope, no lie. Bye bye black knee boots. You have served me well.

Instead, I will bore you with this week's Menu!!!!

Fish Sticks and Fries - Gold star for creativity and nutritional content on that one Mom!!!

Sweet Pineapple Teriyaki Meatball & Veggie Kabobs with Jasmine Rice

Valentine's Menu for Mom and Dad - French Onion Soup, Surf & Turf with Garlic Red Potatoes and Chocolate Pots de Creme.

[Don't be impressed -- we just happen to have all of the ingredients in the house (except for the lobster tails) for me to throw this together]

Something fun para las ninas.

*Update: Found 2 lobster tails for $8.99!

Salad, Chicken Parmigiana and Spaghetti


Mom & Dad's Night Out! Chicken Tenders, steamed veggies and Mashed Potatoes for the kids.

Pork & Vegetable Fried Rice and Spring Rolls

To see menus from people who actually are organized, visit the Organizing Junkie!


Justice Ny said...

I just want to say that it's great that mom and dad are having nights out and romantic dinners sans bebes. Great for you guys.

BTW...I'm now finally on my last pre-cooked dish - Asain salmon. Hopefully, I'll get my act together tonight and make it.

Rona's Home Page said...

Great menu plan. I'll see you next week.

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