January 22, 2007

*UPDATED* What to Do?

Our neighbors have officially sold their house and are moving to Florida next week. They are the best neighbors we've ever had and we'll miss them terribly...But, on Friday "Abuela" (as we call her) called to (a) borrow our table and (b) invite us to a get-together they were having Saturday night. I was sick with the flu but told her that Hubby would bring over the table and that I had a meeting on Saturday afternoon that ended at 7pm but that we would try to make it. So Saturday came and by the time we got back home from my meeting and the donut run, it was already 7:00pm. At this point we were all warm and cozy and full and all we wanted to do was go to bed -- not to mention Youngest was on her way to dreamland and I was still a bit under the weather...So Hubby called and let them know we weren't going to make it. Then, Sunday when I was at my Weight Watchers Meeting, Abuela called to invite us to their Yard Sale. Hubby told her that we would "come by later" but didn't tell me that she called until we were leaving to go to Chuck E. Cheese and she called us to ask if we had a newspaper that she could borrow (to wrap her fragile yard sale items in). So...I brought the newspaper over and she kind of gave me the cold shoulder -- I'm guessing that she was offended that we missed both the get-together and the yard sale. Hubby shoveled their driveway after the snowfall as a kind gesture, but we haven't spoken to them since.

What should we do? If anything. Or am I overreacting?

Thanks for all the helpful advice. I ended up going over to their house this morning to apologize. They were both fine! I think that she may have been stressed/busy on Sunday and that's why it came across as her giving me the cold shoulder. But anyway, I apologized for missing the get-together and they said that it was fine and no big deal and that they understood and we chatted for a bit. I gave them their plate back (filled with orange liqueur pound cake slices) and told them that we would come by this evening to say goodbye since they move out tonight. So, I'm glad that I mentioned it!


Justice Ny said...

No...you are not over-reacting. She probably does feel a little slighted that you guys didn't come to her events. But she is also probably a bit stressed out and sad because she is packing up to leave. I think you should go over there and explain/apologize. You guys have been close over the past few years and you shouldn't let her leave with any issues between you. You should go over there .. even for your own piece of mind.

Justice Fergie said...

I think you're right. I'll go over there and try to smooth things out. I still have a dish of hers so I'll fill it with a treat too.

Thanks Ny!

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

I agree with Ny's suggestion but I can why she may feel slighted about Saturday. You knew about it in advance and although you were tired, since she was such a good neighbor, why not stop by for just a few minutes?? But the Sunday sale, since she called last minute, I don't think she should be upset at the fact that you already had other plans.

But the best part of this story is that someone was able to sell their home in this sludge of a market. Good for Abuela!

Justice Fergie said...

I know, I know. It was just late and we were tired and I was sick and it was cold...it was just a bad combination all around. But I should have at least dragged myself and Oldest over there. My bad!

Yes, they sold their house in this very slow market -- but it was listed for many months and they lowered their asking price significantly.

Don't tell me you guys are looking to sell?

Jen said...

I think it is always best to get things out in the open rather than just hope they will quietly fade away. Her feelings may just get to be worse if you don't acknowledge them. I think your reasons for missing her events were justified, but you should still give a polite apology just to smooth things over.

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

Glad it worked out!
I wish we could sell but the timing is not good. Almost every house on our street is on the market, people who bought pre-construction and are now trying to make their profit. Everyone keeps reducing their prices so this would be a really bad time to sell. They are also offering crazy incentivies. Not just offers to pay closing costs, but conveying all Plasma TVs. Nuts!!! Clearly it's a great time to buy if you don't have anything to unload.

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