January 31, 2007

Prayers Please!

One of my fellow Mochas really needs your prayers! She sent us this letter today:


As some of you are aware, our family had a medical crisis with our daughter Ayo. She was born last September and after a week home, ended up in the hosptial until this month (Jan)! My husband and I did all we could to manage our household and other child while being with Ayo everyday of her hospital stay. She has an unexplained heart condition; the treatment that was required lead to a brain hermmorage and a host of other things. The tale is long and painful but the end result is that our insurance company has terminated us because were were late on one premium payment--for the first time in 3 years! The minute we realized we tried to pay over the phone and they denied us the chance. Her bills are well over a million dollars, so we were not that surprised at the quickness with which they acted. We cannot find a new a policy at this time because of her condition, and we do not qualify for free or reduced price programs--at least on paper. The truth is we own property but I cannot work right now as I am taking care of Ayo and property is not a liquid asset that can help us immediately. My husband has lost work when he was not able to deliver his projects on time, as a result of our ravaged schedule. We are both self-employed, so there is no employer to give us insurance. Her situation is serious and we are left with taking her to the hospital for medication, pedicatric check-ups, cardiology and bloodwork that she has to get done on a regular basis. This is then billed to us directly. We will go bankrupt at this rate and cannot continue in this manner. Here is where you can help us:

We plan to rent out our home here in Takoma Park, MD. If you can think of anyone who may be interested in a lovely, renovated 4 bedroom please have them contact us. We are not ready to sell and want to lease for a year while we move back to the District to a more affordable situation.

Next, if you are looking for a wonderful general contractor, please contact my husband, since his schedule is now more conducive to working again. The company's site is
www.kandcbuilders.com . He has excellent references despite this latest client whose work went beyond the deadline.

We are seeking an attorney or anyone who is capable to help us pro-bono to assist us in appealing to our insurance company for terminating us in the middle of a medical crisis.

Thanks for reading our letter!
The Thompsons"

If you can help by responding to one of her specific requests, then great! If not, her family needs all the prayer that they can get. Thanks very much. Let's do this thing Mamas!


Peach said...

Oh my! I will definitely be praying. Since I know no one in her area, I can't help specifically -- but I will surely be lifting her and her family before the throne of grace.

Justice Fergie said...

Thanks so much peach!

Anonymous said...

We'll definitely be praying for her! Please keep us posted!
Auntie Fe

Justice Jones said...

Makes you really appreciate things doesn't it? My prayers are with them!

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