January 31, 2007

A Melee of Thoughts...

Yes. It's 10:04pm. Yes, I'm way exhausted. But Part 2 the Season Finale of Top Chef is on people. The flesh is weak.

And lest you think I am wasting time watching this reality tv nonsense, I will have you know that I have been simultaneously catching up on my bloggy visits and have found 2 more great mommy blogs. Check out the Mama Blog Spotlights on our right sidebar...

But just in case you're unabashedly lazy, here is a link to Lots of Scotts. Read her post called "Fix Furdy" - I think the idea is brilliant!

I also found out that the "streets are talkin'" about the "Tots and Tonic" piece on the Today Show that inspired our last MamaLaw. Looks like Meredith made a boo-boo.

And Revka has written a very thought-provoking post on spanking. Pay her a visit - she'd like to hear your point of view.

In other news, I attended the State of the Net Conference today for work. They had some great panels and speakers and I met Anne Collier the editor, executive director, and founder of Net Family News. Her new project, BlogSafety.com, looks like it would be a wonderful resource for parents of kids who are online. I learned a lot and met a lot of important folks. See! I'm not all fluff.

But I do have mommy brain*. My neighbor rang the doorbell tonight to give me my cell phone that he found in the street in front of my house while he was walking his dog. Oy.

[* Apparently there's hope.]


Peach said...

Thanks for stopping by today . . . and yesterday, too. I'm adding you to my list of bloggy friends, too. Thanks for the spotlight.

BTW, I enjoy Top Chef . . . a little mindless pleasure.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I love Top Chef...thank you for not "spoiling" the ending, it's Tivo'd and I haven't watched yet!

Revka said...

Thanks for the link, Fergie. I appreciate your coming by and commenting.

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